Restaurant & Bar Awards 2021

Page 6 LUX 2021 Restaurant & Bar Awards Apr21503 First and foremost, Goya Bistro wishes to ensure a client has the best experience at its restaurant, working hard to make sure a customer is satisfied. All its dishes are therefore highly tailorable and made fresh to order. As well as being totally able and effective when it comes to responding to dietary needs and allergy restrictions, it can also alter the spice level accordingly. It encourages its customers to let their server know when they order what spice-level they are comfortable with and can advise them accordingly if they’re not sure. This is part of what has made Goya Bistro’s customer service so well known in its area. The dedication to a personable and empathic service experience and to making the meal perfect for a customer is highly appreciated by its clientele, and so this is also something that appears in many a review. Its clients also applaud its value for money. Goya Bistro believes that a good meal with a home cooked vibe and a pleasant dining experience shouldn’t break the bank, and so its prices reflect this. Of course, the most notable part of this aspect of its business is that despite the low cost, it refuses to compromise when it comes to quality, reassuring its customers that they will only receive the best. This has been facilitated by the founder’s own drive once again – Goya Griffiths has impeccable business knowledge and financial acumen. This was earned over the years she spent working on a Master of Business degree, applying it accordingly so that Goya Bistro flourishes across the board. Before her Masters, she also earned a Sport Science degree, and so her own education spans a wide range of capabilities that she can bring to her business. Goya Bistro benefits in this way from firm and fair management and processes that are streamlined and effective. Goya herself is the Head Chef of the Bistro, and leads the business form the front with a commitment to pushing it towards its goal. She also has applied a lot of her own creativity to the creation of the menu and the interior of the restaurant; the culinary and hospitality industry as a creative outlet is a big part of the passion behind it. In this way, the menu has been developed with imaginativeness in mind. Many of the dishes that have become the most well known and well loved are the ones Goya was taught as a young girl, and the ones she remembers her Grandmother making for the community in Chiangmai. Furthermore, most of dishes are ones that other Thai restaurants do not have on their menu, and so even as competition pops up it has retained its place at the head of the race. Its popular starters include the heavenly beef, sweet potato fries, chilli chicken, honey and ginger spareribs, chicken wings, sea bass salad, and basil and chicken spring rolls. The Bistro’s most popular main dishes include the northern yellow curry with crispy noodles, PadPrik – which is stir fried red curry paste and peppercorn – and chilli PadThai. In recent years, due to its own popularity, it has had to introduce a pre-booking system, which has become especially pivotal during weekend services, its busiest times. With increased bookings on Saturdays and Sundays, it looks forward to seeing most of its customers on these days, including its regulars, and always ensures it has the right amount of staff and produce in order to be able to handle this. All this is simply another part of its dedication excellence; Goya Bistro knows this must be an attitude behind the scenes as well as front of house, and so has ensured that the appropriate project management styles have been applied. Its location puts it in Newton