Restaurant & Bar Awards 2021 Page 7 LUX 2021 Restaurant & Bar Awards le Willows, on the border of Merseyside and Cheshire, prime position to attract these markets. It has done so with efficacy throughout the years, securing custom from all over its local area and even further afield. In this way, it has found it advantageous to be near Manchester Piccadilly station, allowing customers to commute to it with ease. It encourages its clients to think of Goya and the business as their host, and that they are welcome guests in their home rather than customers. In this way, it creates strong connections with its clients. The food is not the only thing that Goya Bistro serves that is worthy of accolades, as its variety of wines and beers – all Thai brands – pair expertly with its menu. With the way the two compliment each other, it is no wonder that its list of alcoholic beverages is also something often noted in positive reviews of the Bistro. Its staff also know how the two work in tandem to create some of the best dining experiences, and so, if a customer is intrigued about the synergy of the drink and food offerings, they can make the best recommendations. This gives Goya Bistro a recognisable fine dining vibe that ensures its customers walk away both satisfied and impressed. Covid-19 has of course presented this business with many challenges over the past year, but it has responded with professionalism and sophistication in order to keep going. As it had to close its dining area, it began pushing its takeaway option more, something that has been equally well-received by the local area. It has kept itself busy in this way, updating this service in response to feedback and ensuring that its usual standards of excellence are being upheld. Over the past few months, it has had many an enquiry from customers excited to come back, and it is equally eager to be able to receive them again. This is not viable just yet, but it will be sure to let customers know as soon as it is. With a kitchen that employs rigorous quality checks, a front of house that handles each customer with empathy and charisma, and a founder that ensures a healthy internal atmosphere, it’s no wonder Goya Bistro has been able to become an integral part of its local infrastructure. It hasn’t felt the need to change its kitchen staff since it opened, another aspect ensuring quality and consistency as each chef knows the menu well. In the future, it is looking forward to being able to open its doors again, and to reinstating its cooking classes. In the meantime, however, it will be facilitating this through its YouTube channel, and preparing its lines of chilli flakes and chilli chips products for launch, uncovering new ways for it to keep pushing towards greater success. Company: Goya Thai Bistro Contact: Goya Griffiths Web: