Restaurant & Bar Awards 2021 Page 9 LUX 2021 Restaurant & Bar Awards While Cajun Islands does offer a takeaway and delivery service, its friendly and professional customer service means guests would often much rather dine in at the cozy and fun restaurant than take their food away to eat at home. However, during the lockdowns and restrictions brought about by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, the takeout service has been a highly valued asset for devoted customs looking to get their Cajun Islands fix. As lockdown has eased, Cajun Islands has been able to open its outdoor seating area and arrange its indoor seating to allow for social distancing, in order that customers can still enjoy the Cajun Islands experience safely and comfortably. Vibrant, colorful and bustling, the dining space that extends from interior to exterior perfectly embodies the relaxed, genuine ambience of the entire restaurant, which is married with attentive and conscientious customer care exhibited by every member of the Cajun Islands team. While guests may return time and time again for the hearty and tasty cuisine, they fall in love with the feel of the place and the welcoming reception that they receive whether they are a first-time visitor or a well-established regular. Exceptional customer service is embedded into the very culture of the company, whether it be in the small but significant details like free refills or the friendly and efficient waiting staff who are dedicated to delivering an unforgettable culinary experience that begins at the moment of arrival and lasts until the final departure with a belly full of food. As the restaurant this year celebrates recognition at the Restaurant and Bar Awards 2021 as the Best Cajun Seafood Restaurant in Westminster, it adds further testament to its brilliance as a culinary destination to its repertoire. Last year, Cajun Islands was awarded a 2020 Recommendation Badge by Restaurant Guru, an award that is given based on visitor reviews which are the most obvious and resolute tributes to the restaurant’s acclaimed status. A firm favorite of many, and widely accredited as the best crawfish and Cajun seafood in the area, Cajun Islands has retained its leading position in Westminster, even during a global pandemic so that, as the hospitality industry resumes usual business and guests are once again able to return to restaurants, Cajun Islands is able to welcome old and new customers alike to enjoy delicious Cajun spices and sumptuous fresh seafood that is unrivalled by any other in Westminster or beyond. Contact: Rossie Cottrell Company: Cajun Islands Restaurant Web Address: