Restaurent and Bar Awards 2024

Jun22596 12 | LUXlife Magazine Situated only a short walk from London’s Piccadilly and Leicester Square tube stations, this restaurant in the heart of the city provides a textbook family dining experience for all ages, with its exquisite selection of dishes made using some of the most high-tech, pioneering kitchen equipment that the industry has to offer. All of this is then served in a location dripping with modern interior design prowess. In the five years that it has been open so far, Happy London has secured its spot as the eatery of choice for numerous, offering up everything from delectable seafood through to its signature burgers and unique cocktails. Approximately 11 million customers walk through the doors of Happy’s more than 35 locations each year, and with a successful track record of more than 29 years serving up excellence, a feat that has netted the chain more than 100 international awards, its newest location in Central London was eagerly anticipated when it was announced and has not disappointed in the years since. Given a Certificate of Excellence and a 2020 Travellers’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor, Happy London remarkably possesses almost 5,500 Google reviews, giving in an aggregate score of 4.4/5 and speaking volumes about its quality. Rarely does food evoke the sort of raw emotion as it does at Happy London, with its dishes quite simply serving as the physical embodiment of your wildest culinary dreams. Think burger stacks so big they need a knife just to hold them together, trios of beautifully garnished tacos dripping with cheese and seasoned with salad, and sizzling meat dishes complete with a choice of sides that really hit the spot. Moreover, with Happy London serving breakfast on the weekends, and both lunch and dinner all week long, whatever your food preferences, Happy London has got you covered. Beyond simply its food options, Happy London is famed for its bar, with this equally as welcoming and contemporary space the ideal place to unwind with some playful and creative cocktails, along with a refreshing take on some seasoned classics and a host of wines, beers, spirits, soft, Mar24325 Most Family-Friendly Casual Dining Restaurant 2024 - London The history of London’s Most Family-Friendly Casual Dining Restaurant 2024 actually does not date back to London, or even England, at all. In fact, the first restaurant in the now bustling Happy Bar & Grill chain opened its doors on Christmas Eve 1994 in Varna, Bulgaria. People’s love for the casual dining experience this establishment provided was clear to see, and after opening a second location in July 1995, this family-run chain has not looked back. Since unveiling its London location in 2019, the aptly titled Happy London and has served countless from its home in Piccadilly Circus. and hot drinks. Also lining this cocktail menu are a series of luxurious sweet treats, with these updated regularly to reflect the ever-changing needs of patrons and perfectly complementing the time of year that you visit – with a number of mainstay desserts proudly standing as the favourites of thousands of ‘Happy’ diners across London. Happy London is yet further distinguished in this space through its leveraging of only the finest products across all of the dishes lining this (literally) picture-perfect menu. From its array of speciality salads that consist of the likes of Caesar, Caesar Palace, and Greek, through to the more than a dozen exquisite starters spanning cheeseburger rolls to pulled beef loaded fries, start your dining experience off in the right way with these remarkable appetisers that showcase but a slice of the grounded, consistent quality embodied by this menu from front to back.