Restaurent and Bar Awards 2024

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 19 Indian cushions, intricate patterns, and vibrant colours to infuse the space with the country’s rich and diverse history. Chefs prepare celebrated traditional dishes such as tandoori specialities, sizzling kebabs, grilled fishes with Bengal flavours, and fresh bread. The Vedas’ seasonal tasting menus highlight each season’s best ingredients and ensure guests experience a variety of deep tastes, flavours, and textures. Each exquisite course can be perfectly harmoniously paired with a wine or artisanal beverage to create an unforgettable dining experience. Rahima Moshaid, Manager at The Vedas Todmorden, says, “We provide impeccable service to enhance the fine dining experience for our guests. We train our staff to deliver attentive, knowledgeable service with a personal touch. We offer a selection of fine wines, craft cocktails, mocktails, and premium spirits to complement the flavours of the cuisine and elevate the dining experience. By combining exquisite food, impeccable service, and a modern industrial decor, our Indian fine dining restaurant captivates guests and establish itself as a culinary destination.” The Vedas team share a passion for Indian cuisine and use fresh, high-quality ingredients to craft authentic and flavourful dishes. Management regularly refines the menu based on customer feedback and evolves to stay ahead of emerging culinary trends. All staff are trained to deliver exceptional service with emphasis placed on professionalism and great hospitality. The Vedas Todmorden strives to anticipate the needs of its guests, providing them with personalised recommendations to elevate their dining experience. From the atmosphere and sophisticated decor to the taste and presentation of dishes, The Vedas prides itself on its meticulous attention to detail to maintain the highest standards of quality and presentation. Every aspect of its operations is regularly inspected to ensure the cleanliness and functionality of the restaurant, including the kitchen equipment, dining areas, and restrooms. The Vedas Todmorden has fostered a dynamic culture of continuous learning and growth with ample opportunities for training, development, and feedback. The Indian restaurant strives to remain abreast of industry trends, new technologies, and best practices to adapt to evolving customer demands and remain competitive in its industry. Staff feel empowered to flex their creativity and contribute to business success with innovative ideas and service improvement initiatives. Supporting its local community is particularly important to The Vedas and the restaurant is passionate about engaging with local issues such as feeding the homeless and donating to charitable causes. The Vedas gives back to its loyal customers, rewarding them with special promotions, NHS and uniform discount, and Taste Card and Gourmet Society promotions to nurture its valued customer relationships. By building a strong customer community, the Indian restaurant has earned excellent reviews and established itself as many customers’ culinary destination of choice. Rahima Moshaid says, “Our family has been in the hospitality industry since the 70’s. We have come a long way and three generations later, we have learned a vast amount about taking customer service to a different level. We train our staff on allergies, spice levels, and key ingredients. The Vedas has fostered a positive work environment that encourages teamwork, collaboration, and employee engagement. We continually evaluate the ambiance and decor of our restaurant to ensure it aligns with our brand identity and target market. We also make updates and renovations as needed to enhance the visual appeal, comfort, and ambiance of our dining space.” When hiring new staff, The Vedas Todmorden seeks employees who not only possess relevant experience but also exhibit a positive attitude to create a welcoming atmosphere for guests. Candidates must demonstrate professionalism, reliability, and a strong work ethic in order to succeed in their position. Management also evaluates candidates’ ability to work as a team and be adaptable in a busy environment. It is also essential that candidates’ values align with the restaurant’s mission and vision for the future. They should share the business’s commitment to excellence, quality, and hospitality and be able to uphold its renowned reputation. Technology is set to transform the hospitality industry and The Vedas has embraced technological solutions to streamline its operations and enhance the overall dining experience. The Indian restaurant has installed new POS systems and online ordering services to improve its efficiency. With its culture of continuous learning and growth, The Vedas will remain up to date on the latest technological advancements and has plans to utilise a mix of online and offline marketing channels to promote its delectable offerings. Moving forward, The Vedas will focus on deepening its community ties through more promotions, loyalty initiatives, and participation in community events. The Indian restaurant also plans to engage customers with tastings, lively cooking demonstrations, and other interactive events. Recognised in this year’s Restaurant and Bar Awards, The Vedas Todmorden is distinct for its exemplary service and imaginative contemporary cooking. Its European-Indian fusion cuisine is designed to appeal to even the most ardent food connoisseurs with exquisite dishes that blend Indian spices with global culinary influences. With its winning combination of mouthwatering food, exceptional service, and inviting atmosphere, The Vedas creates unforgettable culinary journeys that guests will remember for years to come. Contact: Rahima Moshaid Company: The Vedas - Todmorden Web Address: