Restaurent and Bar Awards 2024

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 21 Establishing a new bar in Vienna was always going to be a challenge, particularly when it is located in such a luxurious hotel. However, as the bar passed its one-year anniversary, the Kavalierbar Wagemut has attracted a distinguished clientele of cocktail connoisseurs, local visitors, and hotel guests. After a visit to the opera, dining out, or for a fantastic cocktail evening, the exquisite bar is the perfect location to ignite a love affair with a classic or local spirit. Since its inception, the Kavalierbar Wagemut has focused on luxury spirits and handcrafted cocktails. The bar does not serve tea or coffee, placing emphasis on its concept of cold stirred or shaken liquids. The Kavalierbar Wagemut uses only the best ingredients to create its quality libations. The team mixes for example 20 year old Single Cask Armagnac with 10 year old Madeira to achieve a profound and intense flavour. For those seeking a sensory odyssey, the bar offers its ‘Thomas for President’, a spectacular Louis XIII Cognac and rare white Port from 1935 naming one of their luxury cocktail list. At the Kavalierbar Wagemut, the team loves to create meaningful moments for guests and explain, for those curious, what makes its beverages so unique. Each guest is welcomed with a complimentary nonalcoholic aperitivo to awaken the palette and prepare them for the evening ahead. Bar employees pride themselves on delivering genuine customer service and aim to exceed expectations during every interaction. The team is composed of young, dynamic individuals who love to share jokes with guests and foster a shared love for mixing unusual spirit qualities. Gregor Eisele shares, “The most important part of a successful bar business are the people shaking cocktails and serving drinks and smiles. Trying to find skilled and emphatic experts in hospitality has never been so difficult. Our team is very small and consists only of hand-picked bar experts with a great personality and five-star hospitality background. The concept with Nicolas as a mentor is truly outstanding and it was an easy decision for all the staff joining us.” The celebrated business takes immense pride in combining exceptional ingredients together and serving one-of-a-kind spirits that guests return for again and again. With its large selection of libations, the Kavalierbar Wagemut is a creative playground offering unrivalled drinking experiences. In addition to cocktail classics and its own exquisite creations, the design of its individual drinks is another distinguishing feature. Outstanding drinks are just one element of the experience, as well as memorable hospitality and the team’s commitment to complete customer satisfaction. As a spirit producer, Wagemut is always happy to share its expertise with those interested in exploring the world of alcohol. Over the coming year, the Kavalierbar Wagemut will launch its own tasting series where the bar will offer Gin, Rum, and Whisky tastings without the dull lectures. Furthermore, the new menu will implement different small cocktail flights which will provide guests with the opportunity to taste and discover unique and refreshing spirits combinations from around the world in the atmosphere of one of the best bars in Austria. When Nicolas Kröger first discovered the deserted bar, he saw great potential and has since transformed the location into one of Vienna’s hidden gems. With its focus on top quality spirits, handcrafted cocktails, and authentic customer service, the bar strives to deliver exceptional experiences and ignite a deep passion for alcohol. For its distinctive bar concept, we have bestowed on the Kavalierbar Wagemut this year’s award for Best Luxury Cocktail Bar – Austria Contact: Gregor Eisele Company: Kavalierbar Wagemut E-mail: [email protected] Instagram: wagemut_kavalierbar Web Address: