Restaurent and Bar Awards 2024

22 | LUXlife Magazine Best Sri Lankan & South Indian Restaurant 2024- West London & Customer Service Excellence Award From the moment it opened its doors in May 2021, Honeymoon Events has been presenting the people of West London with authentic Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine that’s simply prepared to perfection. Cultivated by chefs who specialise in Indian cuisine, the restaurant’s menu is designed to entice and impress, with each dish representative of its respective heritage. Join us as we delve into how Honeymoon Events consistently captures the essence of Sri Lanka and South India through its marvellously mouthwatering menu. Empowered by a culture of growing with the people it surrounds itself with, Honeymoon Events is a West London-based bar and restaurant whose unique atmosphere encourages individuals to bask in the wonder of Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine. As a master of its craft, the restaurant has effortlessly distinguished itself from the crowd, setting itself apart as an establishment that brings the genuine flavours of its specialty gastronomy to the tables of the everyday person. In doing so, it’s able to honour the cultures of both Sri Lanka and South India, while simultaneously treating guests to a culinary endeavour unlike any other. Combined with a commitment to creating the ideal ambiance for a wonderful night out, Honeymoon Events proves that it’s possible to blend good food with a great atmosphere in order to elicit a variety of emotions from its guests. In fact, it’s this very sense of community that sees customers coming back time and time again, with the food simply amplifying the air of togetherness that Honeymoon Events exudes. That isn’t to say, however, that its food is secondary – on the contrary, Honeymoon Events presents a menu that’s steeped in selection, granting guests the chance to sample a variety of tastes from Sri Lanka and South India alike. As an establishment that fully specialises in Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine, Honeymoon Events prides itself on its cooking, and has demonstrated time and time again that it’s willing to go above and beyond to achieve perfection. Every recipe is crafted in line with genuine cultural practises, and each dish tasted to ensure it meets the establishment’s exceptionally high standards. This practise, combined with the extensive training undertaken by each member of staff, allows Honeymoon Events to continuously experiment with flavours, while maintaining a level of unapologetic precision across each dish and beverage. In short, Honeymoon Events is a restaurant and bar that recognises the importance of bringing coveted cuisines to the tables of London, and has leveraged its culinary prowess to open the way for such an experience. Now, locals and visitors alike have the opportunity to sample authentic Sri Lankan and South Indian cuisine, without having to travel halfway around the globe to do so. Instead, Honeymoon Events happily brings the taste to them, complete with a dining setting that’s able to whisk anyone away to another destination entirely. LUXLife Magazine exists as a means to showcase the little titbits of luxury around the world, and Honeymoon Events is no exception. Through a coalescence of culinary mastery, cultural pride, and community consciousness, the establishment has managed to create an enticing atmosphere that truly honours both Sri Lanka and South India alike. In doing so, it’s defined itself as the pinnacle of genuine cuisine, and we can’t wait to see where its upward trajectory takes it as we move through 2024. Contact Details Contact: Balamurugan Tharmalingam Sivaprakasam Company: Honeymoon Events Ltd