Restaurent and Bar Awards 2024

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 25 French Bakery & Bistro of the Year 2024 - Pennsylvania Nestled in the heart of busy downtown Lancaster in Pennsylvania, Bistro Barberet & Bakery is a sleek eatery serving classic French cuisine, wines, and artisan desserts with a modern twist. The delicate treats from the bakery transport guests to the chic patisseries of Paris, whilst the restaurant’s authentic staple dishes pay tribute to the beloved French bistro. At Bistro Barberet & Bakery, good food, good wine, and better company come together to provide guests with the French notion of “la joie de vivre”, which translates to “the joy of life”. When hungry guests set foot in Bistro Barberet & Bakery, they are welcomed by the comforting aroma of coffee, a pleasant atmosphere, and a grand patisserie display featuring a wide variety of stunning homemade desserts. Using speciality ingredients primarily sourced from local Lancaster farms, the establishment crafts these delectable treats daily, meaning they are always fresh for guests to enjoy. Hidden behind the cosy, well-decorated exterior is a bustling bistro kitchen, where a range of authentic French dishes are crafted for those seeking a hearty meal. Its menu features everyday favourites like quiche Lorraine and croque monsieur, as well as other options like foie gras, beef tartare, and bouillabaisse. In 2015, Bistro Barberet & Bakery was established by husband-and-wife duo Cedric and Estelle Barberet, who set out to bring French culture and cuisine to Pennsylvania through meticulous food presentation and cooking skills. The pair were well-equipped to take on the challenges that come with entrepreneurship, each with an impressive career in the hospitality industry behind them. Cedric is a passionate pastry chef who discovered his love for the culinary profession at his family’s bakery in Villefranche-surSaône, Patisserie Barberet, where he served as an apprentice and learned the essential techniques for crafting delectable desserts and pastries. Since then, he has honed a sharp eye for detail, creating elaborate cakes and pastries that are based in traditional construction. This has enabled Cedric to build an impressive resume, having served as Executive Pastry Chef at Le Bec Fin and Buddakan in Philadelphia. He also worked at Mar-a-Lago Club in Florida, where he spent two months crafting a seventier wedding cake for Melania Knauss and Donald Trump. Similar to her husband, Estelle was born into a family of pastry chefs in Lyons, 25 kilometres south of Villefranche-sur-Saône. She has worked in the hospitality industry since the age of 13 and, when she was 16, decided to pursue a retail apprenticeship at Patisserie Barberet. Estelle went on to be hugely successful, taking on various managerial positions at numerous French patisseries. Now, she plays an important role at Bistro Barberet & Bakery, serving as the first point of contact for customers. As guests enter the venue, Estelle is there to greet them with a smile, contributing towards the eatery’s friendly atmosphere. Since its inception in 2015, Bistro Barberet & Bakery has maintained a steadfast commitment to excellence. Its business strategy is first to ensure the consistency and quality of its offerings by properly managing and training its employees, bolstering their ability to provide customers with the best standard of service. This has enabled it to build a strong customer base. Bistro Barberet & Bakery’s second priority is to stand out from the crowd through originality and creativity, changing its menus seasonally to provide returning customers with new and exciting options. Operating in the fast-paced hospitality sector, it can be hard for Bistro Barberet & Bakery to attract and retain staff. To overcome this challenge, the company works hard to create a positive working environment, encouraging employee work-life balance in an industry where demanding hours have become the norm. This not only attracts team members but also fosters loyalty amongst existing staff. For its continued excellence in all areas, we are pleased to bestow upon Bistro Barberet & Bakery the title of French Bakery & Bistro of the Year, Pennsylvania, in the Restaurant and Bar Awards 2024. In the wake of its success in this awards programme, the company is thrilled to share with our readers that it has recently been named World French Restaurant, a prestigious title awarded by the French Republic to an establishment that demonstrates outstanding culinary expertise and provides authentic inhouse products that accurately represent French cooking. Looking towards the future, Bistro Barberet & Bakery is excited to soon launch a brandnew e-commerce platform that is currently under development. With this new feature, the restaurant hopes to reach a much wider customer base. Contact: Cedric Barberet Company: Bistro Barberet & Bakery Web Address: