Restaurent and Bar Awards 2024

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 29 Most Unique Mountain Accommodation & Restaurant 2024 – Salzburg & Customer Service Excellence Award 2024 Großarltal – a valley of unspoilt meadowlands blooming with beauty as far as the eye can see. Truly, the perfect utopia in which to spend any getaway. It just so happens that, nestled within this fabled vale, there is an award-winning hut that transcends the common cabins that came before it. Recognised by LUXLife Magazine as an exemplary choice for individuals, couples, and families alike, Berggasthof Loosbühelalm (Loosbühelalm) proudly whisks guests away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Instead, it invites them to take respite in the world-famous Valley of Meadows. Regarded as an idyllic getaway location, whatever the weather, Loosbühelalm is an award-winning mountain hut that removes its guests from the stresses of the noisy streets, and places them in a valley akin to a haven. Imagine – in spring, you’re surrounded by untampered regional flora spanning across the vale, while winter brings with it pristine peaks and snow whose lustre more than makes up for the blanketed greenery. During the summer there are goats, cattle, and cows on the alpine pasture, and the rabbits also enjoy being petted. Regardless of when you choose to visit, Loosbühelalm promises an authentic Austrian escape, be it through its homely hut, its coveted cuisine, or its abundance of activities suited to both children and adults alike. From a large children’s playground to beautiful hikes either from alpine pasture to alpine pasture, from peak to peak, or from mountain lake to mountain lake, there’s beauty to be found everywhere. Welcoming every guest as a friend upon their arrival, Loosbühelalm creates the ideal atmosphere from the moment they cross the threshold. This is accomplished through its combination of cozy and comfortable interior design choices – the likes of which reflect the Austrian alpine region down to crackling fireplace located in the dining room. Far away from any tourist attractions, yet still brimming with activities in which any guest can participate, Loosbühelalm has taken all of the necessary steps to promise the peace needed for those in dire search of a well-earned recharge. Furthermore, with its stunning pine wood sauna, and pine or larch wood features within each room, Loosbühelalm offers a chance to experience the great outdoors within the luxury of its walls. As such, whether guests are wanting to partake in hiking, mountain biking, ski touring, or much more, Loosbühelalm is happy to deliver to the very best of its ability. Enhanced with its knack for hospitality, the hut encourages individuals to enjoy themselves in any way they see fit. Should this manifest through taking full advantage of the Valley of Meadows’ geology, or simply unwinding with a relaxing hike around the vale, Loosbühelalm is fully dedicated to ensuring that every person receives equal amounts of care, attention, and consideration. In essence, Loosbühelalm is set on seeing its guests leave happier than when they arrived, resulting in its stellar selection of authentic opportunities. However, it’s impossible to detail the brilliance of Loosbühelalm without turning our attention to the genuine gastronomy the hut presents to its guests. Offering warm cuisine all throughout the day, with almost all products actually originating from the owner’s parents’ farm, Klausbauer, the hut grants individuals an insight into all of Austria’s most exceptional tastes. From pork, beef, and goat, to fresh dairy products sourced from cows and goats, Loosbühelalm Berggasthof Loosbühelalm leverages its Gastronomy & Excellent Serving Seal to provide homemade products that truly distinguish it from other Austrian huts. With Loosbühelalm, guests are guaranteed to get the genuine Austrian culinary experience, all at a price that’s more than worth their money. The Valley of Meadows is a location known far and wide for its picturesque views and peaceful peaks. Having long since recognised the importance of preserving said peace, Loosbühelalm developed a non-invasive hut that honours its surroundings, while introducing new people to the wonders of the vale. In doing so, it’s created the perfect getaway location – one that is eager to showcase the allure of Austria to all manner of individuals. If you’ve considered visiting Großarltal at least once in your life, Loosbühelalm is undoubtedly the best option to complete your rejuvenating retreat. Contact: Elisabeth Heigl Company: Berggasthof Loosbühelalm Web Address: