Restaurent and Bar Awards 2024

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 43 The Butcher Hamburgeria & Bisteccheria is a hamburger and steakhouse situated in the heart of Southern Italy’s glorious Apulia region. More specifically, it can be found in the town of Modugno, in the region’s capital city, Bari. Like the rest of Italy, this beautiful port and university city is home to some of the best food along the Adriatic, and The Butcher is by far one of the standouts. With a menu comprised predominantly of mouthwatering steaks and juicy hamburgers, those who appreciate meat will find themselves feeling right at home at this award-winning eatery. Best Hamburger & Steakhouse Restaurant 2024 - Bari The Butcher hamburgeria bisteccheria With a primarily steak-based menu, it should come as no surprise that the best cuts of meat are used and prepared using the process discussed above, and Rocco and his team of equally passionate and dedicated chefs pool their combined decades of experience to make their meat as presentable and palatable as possible, for meat connoisseurs and casual diners alike. This ongoing quest for quality produce has resulted in The Butcher forging an agreement with two of the fastest-growing brands in the space, Swami and Hanami Sakura, partners whose faultless dedication to excellence in the field is equally as impressive as the restaurant’s. Of course, the second defining element of The Butcher is the hamburger, and it was this simple and yet universally loved creation that set about The Butcher’s transformation to the renowned hamburger-steakhouse it is today. Interestingly, this happened solely by chance, as when Rocco found himself in a competition aptly titled: BURGER_BATTLE, he was honoured to be named as having the second-best hamburger in the country. Carrying this nobility through to his dishes to this day, it is the unique blend of a number of different cuts of meat that not only enhance these burgers, but the entirety of your dining experience. From top to bottom, The Butcher’s menu is something truly special, but its most notable dish also happens to be its bestseller. Named after the restaurant’s location, Bari, this dish takes some of the best cuts of meat, such as brisket, flat iron steak, and the chuck, before mixing them with a fresh beef tartare, traditional Italian stracciatella, (mozzarella mixed with fresh cream) and finishing it all off with rocket and cherry tomatoes. Sandwiched between a soft brioche bun, this one-of-a-kind burger is a must have for all foodies in search of the best hamburger in Italy. Having started out as a humble butcher’s shop a little over 15 years ago and going on to scale such heights as being named the second-best hamburger nationally and receiving a Travellers’ Choice Award from TripAdvisor, The Butcher Hamburgeria & Bisteccheria is a bright spot in one of Italy’s most underrated regions. Contact: Rocco Camasta Company: The Butcher Hamburgeria & Bisteccheria Web Address: he Butcher’s humble beginnings trace back to business owner Rocco Camasta’s father, Mario, who ran a bustling butcher’s shop in the area. With years of experience under his belt helping his father, Rocco decided to make the leap, setting up his own modest butcher’s shop by the name of Beccheria L’erede at the beginning of summer 2008. After six years of grafting, this well-performing business began to evolve somewhat, and coming to realise his dream, Rocco christened this newfound hamburger shop after the profession that had led to him to this point. The Butcher was born. Sticking to its roots, when you first enter The Butcher, staff at a large meat counter invite you to sample some of the best cuts of meat this region has to offer, kicking off your culinary journey in terrific fashion. Once seated, you have the choice between a number of delicious sandwiches and aged or non-matured meat, this along with a number of appetisers and other dishes that Rocco and his team season with their fresh, homemade sauces made primarily from the region’s produce. To wash all of this terrific food down, The Butcher boasts a diverse drinks menu brimming with only the finest beer and wine. Rocco’s unwavering passion for his work is complemented by his willingness to undergo constant training and carry out expansive research in pursuit of the perfect meat, not only on a national scale, but also across Europe. Distinguishing his restaurant is Rocco’s adherence to a number of European-style dry aging methods that are not commonplace in his native country, this due mainly to many Italian meats being unsuitable for this flavour-locking process. Another notable commitment can be seen in Rocco’s robust selection process, where he leverages rigid criteria to ensure a high marbling standard worthy of the market is attained. T