Restaurent and Bar Awards 2024

46 | LUXlife Magazine Best Indian Street Food Restaurant 2024 - Wiltshire Promising to bring the vibrant flavours of Bombay street food directly to your plate, Kutting Chai is an awardwinning deliverer of authentic Indian cuisine. Specialising in delicacies hailing from the marvellous Mumbai and the gorgeous Goan regions, the restaurant has spent its years weaving together various recipes to create a tapestry of delectable dishes just waiting to be sampled. Join us as we venture into how Kutting Chai takes every diner on an enticing escapade through Bombay’s most coveted flavours with every bite. Beginning its culinary journey in late 2018, Kutting Chai has quickly become a waypoint for any hoping to get an authentic insight into the breadth of flavours presented by Indian cuisine. Viewing its menu as ‘a rich tapestry of flavours from the bustling Indian city of Bombay’ – one ‘infused with influences from the Northern and Southwestern costal regions’ – the restaurant has spent its years dedicating itself to meticulously crafting recipes that are designed to transport guests to the streets of Bombay itself. Each bite promises to take diners’ tastebuds on a tantalising trip across the region, beginning with traditional recipes and cooking techniques and ending with over three decades of combined culinary experience. In fact, Kutting Chai’s culinary venture was such a raging success that, in 2021, only three years after first opening its doors, the restaurant had to seek out a larger site that could accommodate more talented team members and intrepid gastronomy experts alike. In fact, in onboarding new staff members, Kutting Chai was able to learn from their extended worldwide experience – from training in top restaurants in India and Dubai, to ones in Nepal, the US, and other reputable establishments across the globe, these individuals brought an invaluable set of skills to the restaurant that see it adopting worldclass culinary approaches on a daily basis. It's thanks to this abundance of creativity, experience, and impeccable understanding of what guests are seeking that Kutting Chai has managed to have such an astounding impact on Wiltshire’s hospitality sphere. Having long since recognised that customers are looking for authentic experiences that don’t simply mimic a select handful of worldwide cuisines, but instead capture their very essence down to the method used to create each meal, the restaurant dedicated itself to its own set of specifications. As such, Kutting Chai only works with nominated suppliers, with the correct systems always in place to guarantee quality throughout every individual dish. Whether customers are hoping to fully immerse themselves in a dining environment that captures the buzzing atmosphere of Bombay’s street food scene, or are hoping to transport themselves to India from the comfort of their own homes, Kutting Chai is eager to provide. Through a combination of both inhouse and takeaway meals, the restaurant ensures that, no matter a person’s location, they’ll still have access to genuine gastronomy that’s specifically designed to elicit the feeling of finding oneself in the heart of Mumbai, Goan, and other southwestern parts of Bombay. LUXlife Magazine is always searching for those who aren’t simply exploring their niche, but are dedicated to becoming champions of it, and Kutting Chai represents this very notion throughout each fibre of its being. It’s clear that the establishment adores the street food of Bombay, so much so that it has gone above and beyond to hire the right people to concoct the very flavours it so enjoys. In doing so, it has not only presented the people of Swindon with the opportunity to immerse themselves in an inviting atmosphere, but also allows them to experience true Bombay tastes from their own homes. Regardless of a diner’s choice, Kutting Chai promises to bring an award-winning quality that has earned it its prestigious position. Contact: Aldred Rodrigues Company: Kutting Chai Web Address: