Restaurent and Bar Awards 2024

52 | LUXlife Magazine ituated within the Central District of Hong Kong, Sumac Restaurant and Lounge is a tranquil haven for guests to escape away from the bustling life of the business district. Established in 2010, the restaurant promises to deliver an authentic taste of Lebanese cuisine blended expertly with Mediterranean stylings. The company takes its name from sumac, a dark red spice that in the past was reserved for only the most affluent individuals. Sumac is a symbol of togetherness, family, and good luck, and has historic usage in Lebanese cuisine. “Lebanese at heart and Mediterranean in style.” Sumac Restaurant and Lounge prides itself on serving only the highest quality ingredients, expertly prepared by a team of qualified professionals. As well as lunch and brunch menus, the restaurant offers both a la carte and Chef’s Picks menus, allowing the customers to experience true Lebanese flavours. The standard menus reflect the exquisite, varied Lebanese cuisine with dishes including Lamb Kafta, Shrimp Fatteh, and Hummus alongside extraordinary desserts, such as the Pistachio Mafroukeh, finished with homemade ashta. The dishes served at Sumac Restaurant and Lounge are the perfect balance of indulgent and health-conscious choices that will take its customers on a culinary journey to Lebanon. For a limited time, Sumac Restaurant & Lounge is featuring monthly specials with a delightful twist. In celebration of Hummus International Day on May 13th, the talented Sumac culinary team has prepared a delightful array of hummus selections to surprise their guests in honour of a Lebanese national dish. Our hummus is meticulously crafted, with each chickpea carefully peeled to achieve a smooth and velvety texture. Blended with tahini, lemon juice, and garlic, our hummus is adorned with a Lebanese touch. Throughout the month, indulge in a unique hummus experience, starting with basil hummus in the first week, followed by beetroot hummus in the second, spicy hummus in the third, and fig hummus in the fourth. Then, from June onwards, for a limited time, savour the exquisite flavours of Kousa Bil Laban. This dish features stuffed squash filled with perfectly seasoned ground beef and sautéed onions, served with rice simmered in a rich garlic yoghurt sauce and garnished with toasted pine nuts. The company practices stringent vendor vetting so that the chefs are working with the best ingredients possible. The kitchen is made up of a qualified team of culinary experts who supervise the food preparation meticulously. Individuals selected to join the culinary team are chosen Best Authentic Lebanese & Mediterranean Restaurant 2024 – Hong Kong & LUXlife Culinary Excellence Award 2024: Authentic Flavours Sumac Restaurant and Lounge Sumac Restaurant and Lounge brings a decadent taste of rich Lebanese culture to Central, Hong Kong. Here, we delve into the secret behind the success of this hidden gem that aims to introduce a blend of Lebanese and Mediterranean cuisine alongside expert customer service to its patrons. due to their understanding of flavour profiles and ability to balance and combine flavours and textures harmoniously. Excellence does not stop with the food at Sumac Restaurant and Lounge; the company takes equal pride in its carefully curated beverage selection. The beverage menu is developed by devoted sommeliers trained in the art of perfectly pairing beverage options to accompany each dish. Sumac Restaurant and Lounge offers the most extensive Lebanese wine selection throughout the entire Asian region. The history of winemaking in Lebanon spans back 7,000 years to the Phoenicians, an ancient culture that had a significant effect on the history of wine. Each section of the menu has been painstakingly chosen to provide customers with an authentic, memorable experience that leaves them sure to return. Much of this service can be attributed to the company’s internal culture. Employees are trained to value both teamwork and individual responsibility, to understand their impact on the customer’s experience. Ongoing training, open communication, and consistent feedback are employed to foster an environment in which staff are empowered to take initiative and deliver the best possible service. The core values of Sumac Restaurant and Lounge are integrity, innovation, and customer satisfaction and have not wavered as the restaurant continues to expand its scale and client base. Of course, the COVID-19 pandemic deeply impacted the hospitality sector. In response to the lockdown measures, Sumac Restaurant and Lounge introduced rigorous safety measures to protect its clients and invested heavily in its delivery services. The industry saw a spike in takeaway orders due to restrictions and, beyond the pandemic, the aftereffects are still being felt, with many consumers now preferring to order their meals from the safety of their own home. The company has spent considerable time enhancing its online presence to appeal to this portion of the market and has been revising its customer engagement strategies to reflect this change. Sumac Restaurant and Lounge has many exciting projects ongoing throughout 2024, though these developments are currently under wraps. Judging from the company’s commitment to excellence which has remained at its core throughout its growth, it is safe to assume that any upcoming projects will only amplify the exceptional services provided by Sumac Restaurant and Lounge. Contact: Wafed Alsmarat Company: Sumac Restaurant and Lounge Web Address: S