Restaurent and Bar Awards 2024

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 55 Nestled within the bustling Chinatown district of Singapore is the tranquil rooftop garden of Eclipse by BDC. This stunning restaurant and cocktail bar promises to provide guests with a unique dining experience unparalleled by any other. We speak to the company’s Marketing and Communications Manager Angeline Low to find out more. Best Asian-European Rooftop Restaurant 2024 - Singapore Exceeding customer expectations is highly valued at Eclipse by BDC, with employees trained to always prioritize quality. The restaurant recognises that it has the position to educate consumers on good produce sourced locally. Ingredients are meticulously sourced from trusted suppliers before the team of skilled chefs carefully curate each meal. Chef Sam has made numerous visits to local farms, fishery ports, and kelongs to forge a relationship with vendors and gain an in-depth understanding of how Eclipse by BDC’s ingredients are sourced. Eclipse by BDC offers a range of menu types, including a lunch set menu, dinner menu, and tasting menus that showcase the exquisite flavours on offer from local sources. The food is inspired by a marriage of Chef Sam’s roots in European cuisine and his Asian background, which combine to create unique meals with complex flavour profiles. Signature dishes include Lobster ‘Hae Bee Hiam’ Risotto, Mushroom Croquette, and Charcoal Fried Lychee. Continuing its mission of excellence, the restaurant regularly reviews and updates its menus to reflect seasonal produce and culinary trends. From the chic interior design to the unique flavour profiles, Eclipse by BDC succeeds to transcend beyond the mundane. When asked about any upcoming developments, Angeline proudly tells us, “We are thrilled to introduce an exciting new offering that promises to elevate the dining experience beyond the confines of our restaurant.” In 2024, BDC is launching Enchanted Dining on Lazarus Island, an opportunity for guests to experience delicious dishes alongside the breath-taking scenery of the southern islands of Singapore. After such success in creating a tranquil spot amongst the bustle of Chinatown, Enchanted Dining on Lazarus Island is certain to be a serene experience accompanied by the impeccable service and cuisine displayed at Eclipse by BDC. Contact: Angeline Low Company: Bespokediningclub Pte. Ltd. Web Address: stablished in 2019, Bespoke Dining Club is a lifestyle company that specialises in providing great culinary experiences to guests. BDC currently has three established concepts –rooftop restaurant Eclipse, hybrid convenience store Sol, and yacht concierge service Neptune. Located at the top of the historic Yue Hwa Building, Eclipse by BDC is a rooftop restaurant bringing a taste of contemporary AsianEuropean cuisine to Singapore. Launched in December 2021, it is the flagship restaurant of Chef-Owner Samuel Quan, an award-winning chef who operates with the culinary philosophy that dining is an allencompassing experience for his patrons. Guests are immediately greeted by splendour upon entry into Eclipse by BDC. The Main Dining area is crowned by the Cloud Steel, a beautifully illuminated feature that brings a magic aura to the indoor area. The Glass Room allows for a panoramic view of Chinatown from above so that guests can enjoy their dinner with a breathtaking view. In the heart of the restaurant sits the Celestial Bar, framed by an arc alcohol display and finished with a Port Saint Laurent stone counter. This decadent area is home to elegant cocktails crafted by a team of skilled mixologists with the mission to embrace classic cocktail recipes and present fresh interpretations, at no cost to the quality of the beverages. For customers wanting an al fresco experience, the outdoor dining areas are lined with turf to emulate a roof garden effect amidst the concrete surroundings of the district. Each room at Eclipse by BDC is a stunning show of masterful interior design guaranteed to create a mystical, romantic dining experience. Eclipse by BDC is about more than simply delivering dishes to its guests. Since its launch, the restaurant has refined its understanding of what is important to its patrons, whilst still maintaining its commitment to excellence. By actively listening to feedback and staying attuned to culinary trends, the restaurant has been able to adapt its services to fit the needs of its customers. This includes adjusting the system to cater to larger parties and making amendments to pricing to achieve more traffic in the quieter times. Speaking on the company’s evolution, Angeline says, “Our journey has been about striking a balance between preserving our identity and embracing change to exceed customer expectations.” E