Restaurent and Bar Awards 2024

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 61 Best Italian Restaurant 2024 - Perth Globally recognised as a cuisine capable of bringing people from all walks of life together, Italian food has championed the culinary world for millennia. As a result, an abundance of restaurants have avidly tried to replicate the essence of Italian gastronomy, with very few able to capture the authenticity behind its world-renowned recipes. Sometimes, the only way to understand Italian food is to experience first-hand both the joy and community it can create – a honour given to none other than Mirko, owner of the award-winning LupoLab. Integrating what Mirko learned growing up in his parents’ restaurant in Rome, LupoLab has become Perth’s top choice for Italian dining. Join us as we explore how. Driven by a passion to share his childhood love for Italian food with the people of Perth, Mirko founded LupoLab in 2019 in an effort to empower the local community. Since then, the restaurant has soared in popularity, with both Italian food lovers and casual diners alike fully embracing the exceptionality provided by the establishment. Comprised of authentic Roman recipes, handed down through the generations of Mirko’s family, LupoLab’s menu tells the stories lost to time, allowing each guest to sample a little bit of history with each and every bite. LupoLab stands as a celebration of genuine Roman cuisine, and it’s this very nature that keeps the community completely enthralled by the selection is has to offer. Whether guests are experienced culinary connoisseurs eager to indulge in some hand cut fresh pasta and specialty coffee, or are regular diners in search of a menu that’s guaranteed to scratch their itch for quality Italian food, LupoLab promises to provide something for absolutely everyone. Each dish is compiled by artisan chefs, who are committed to capturing the freshness associated with Italian gastronomy through a careful selection of high-quality, handselected ingredients. Only through such a meticulous process can LupoLab provide unapologetically Roman heritage dishes, complete with paired Italian wines. Making every visit memorable is where LupoLab thrives, and it’s clear to see through its immense success. Despite capably presenting customers with a menu that’s beyond exceptional, LupoLab has always been committed to the community ties fostered by Italian cuisine. It’s for this very reason that the restaurant remains committed to keeping its prices reasonable, affordable, and welcoming. It understands that many restaurants seem to be following a trend of charging staggering prices for quality service, and hopes that it can act as a catalyst for change in this regard. Through an application of honesty, passion, quality, and authenticity, the establishment eagerly delivers reasonably priced food that, despite being affordable, doesn’t sacrifice quality. After all, LupoLab was created as a means for Mirko to share his love for Roman cuisine with the people of Perth, and he’s more than achieved this dream in just five years. However, we believe that LupoLab’s words speak for themselves – “Our establishment prides itself on pushing culinary boundaries, while staying rooted in tradition. Our specialties lie in modern interpretations of classic dishes, blending unexpected ingredients and techniques to create unforgettable flavour profiles. From our signature Tonnarelli Carbonara, featuring a mouthwatering blend of guanciale and pecorino romano, to our meticulously crafted meat options, every dish tells a story of craftsmanship and dedication.” Truly, LupoLab stands at the peak of Perth’s Italian cuisine scene, and it’s all thanks to the realisation of such an ambitious, yet selfless, vision. LupoLab exists to provide Perth with an insight into how it feels to grow up in one of the most culinary-centric regions in the world. At its heart, the establishment captures the essence of generational brilliance, with its dishes able to captivate any diner, no matter their preferences. As such, we’re pleased to present LupoLab with this title, and we hope it continues to wow patrons with its unwavering commitment to crafting the best Italian dishes Perth has ever seen. Contact: Marco Silvestri Company: LupoLab Web Address: