Restaurent and Bar Awards 2024

Restaurant & Bar Awards 2024 | 63 In the dynamic landscape of luxury events, Trolley’d is revolutionising the art of celebration with its unwavering commitment to innovation and environmental stewardship. As Australia’s pioneering mobile bar service, Trolley’d has adopted a unique approach with eco-friendly cocktails that embody its core values of sustainability and excellence. Trolley’d is much more than a sustainable mobile bar, it is a guarantee that every sip contributes towards a brighter future. Most Sustainable Mobile Bar Company 2024 - Australia but also aligns with our ethos of sustainability and ethical procurement.” Trolley’d’s eco-conscious decisions extend beyond its ethical ingredients to its ingenious methods of transportation. The company has breathed new life into disused trolleys that now glide through events so that guests can experience sustainability in motion. Even after the event is over, the Trolley’d team continues its transformative mission by ensuring everything is composed and clients are aware of the latest sustainable party practices. “Trolley’d is a choice that transcends the ordinary, making every event a tribute to sustainability and style.” In a recent awe-inspiring project, Trolley’d has restored a Shorts 330 airplane which was discovered in the Australian desert. The remarkable aircraft has since been transformed into a mobile entertainment marvel, acting as both a dynamic stage and a whimsical roller-skating risk. This daring initiative truly captures Trolley’d’s creative spirit and talent for repurposing with flair. From sourcing ethical ingredients to transforming an airplane into a neon-lit stage and roller-skating risk, its exciting endeavours are a testament to the company’s commitment to delivering unparalleled customer experiences. At Trolley’d, excellence is achieved through a winning combination of creativity, quality, and sustainability. Byron Woolfrey shares, “Our employees are integral to our success, playing a pivotal role in delivering the best service that’s perfectly aligned with our values. This alignment begins with a meticulous selection process, where we look for individuals who not only possess the requisite skills but also share our passion for sustainability and exceptional service. Once aboard, we foster their growth through continuous training focused not only on service excellence but also on understanding and practicing sustainability. Through their dedication and skill, our employees play a crucial part in delivering the best service, turning our vision of sustainable, innovative, and unparalleled event experiences into a reality.” Looking to the future, Trolley’d has several exciting developments in the pipeline that will help clients further engage with its mission. With its Wild Food Walks, the company strives to educate participants about the diversity and importance of native Australian ingredients. By exploring the local landscapes, Trolley’d aims to foster a deeper respect for the land’s natural offerings and the principles of sustainable foraging. Additionally, Trolley’d will begin delivering cocktail classes so that guests can concoct their own refreshing drinks and understand the story behind every ingredient. Over the coming year, the Shorts 330 airplane, one of the company’s standout features, will be travelling to new locations to provide a unique setting for events and promote its message of sustainability and innovation in the hospitality industry. Trolley’d has established itself as an environmental pioneer with its steadfast dedication to innovation and the planet. Its seamless blend of sustainability and first-class service enables the company to create unrivalled experiences that resonate with guests long after the cocktail glass is emptied. With every new initiative, Trolley’d is dedicated to redefining innovation and the coming year is certain to be one of more eco-conscious adventures and continued growth. For its inspiring sustainable events, Trolley’d has been honoured at this year’s Restaurant and Bar Awards as Most Sustainable Mobile Bar Company – Australia. Contact: Byron Woolfrey Company: Trolley'd Web Address: ith its revered combination of environmental responsibility and exceptional event experiences, Trolley’d is dedicated to delivering a first-class service every time. Its pursuit of excellence is achieved through its comprehensive approach to all aspects of its operations. From its custom cocktail services delivered via upcycled airline trolleys to its integrated sustainable practices, every element is consciously chosen to provide a truly unique event experience. Trolley’d strives to exceed expectations, crafting impactful events that guests will remember for years to come. At the heart of Trolley’d’s philosophy is an underlining respect for nature and the bountiful offerings it provides. The pioneering company forages native Australian wild foods and local organic produce to guarantee the freshness and vitality of its cocktails. Its sustainable approach not only ensures that its beverage ingredients are of the highest quality, but also that they are ethically sourced. Byron Woolfrey, Managing Director at Trolley’d, says, “At the heart of our beverage craftsmanship lies a commitment to handcrafting every drink in-house. This meticulous process allows us to infuse each concoction with unparalleled quality and creativity, ensuring that every sip is a journey of discovery. Our ingredients are sourced with the utmost care, chosen from producers who practice minimal intervention farming. This approach not only guarantees the freshest, most flavourful ingredients W