LUX September 2017

LUX - September 2017 25 Contact: Gaëtan Bourguignon Contact Email: [email protected] Address: Head Office, Boerenlegerstraat 161, 2650 Edegem, Belgium Phone: 0032 475 388 706 Website: Best Luxury Yacht Furniture Provider - Belgium Mr Blue Sky offers luxury outdoor furniture for a variety of clients, offering an innovative product that can act as a floating lounger for a swimming pool, a chic outdoor daybed for a garden, or a unique lounger for a yacht. We caught up with Gaëtan Bourguignon who gave us the inside track on what makes the company so successful. Mr. Blue Sky provides elegant, fresh and contemporary designs in a range of colors, its products will have clients desperate to invite guests round to share in their luxury. Relax, unwind and enjoy outdoor spaces. Gaëtan outlines the services that the company provides and also the inspiration behind the company. “A few years ago, on a sailing trip in the Caribbean we noticed that every boat, big or small, sailing or motor yacht, was dragging along an ugly floating mattress in loud colors. Back home, these images kept bothering us and we came to realize something else; people invest in building and rebuilding beautiful houses where the emphasis is more and more placed on outdoor living. Terraces are covered and heated to dine until late at night and gardens are decorated with the most beautiful outdoor furniture.” Gaëtan states how providing quality furniture to furnish outside living, mainly yachts but also swimming pools and houses, is driven by the emotional turmoil of having to relax in a swimming pool with a plastic float, inflated personally. The inspiration and idea was helped by the fact that there was already a passion for design and a clear view ahead. “It is so sad that when you want to relax in your swimming pool, the only option is to run to a toy store for a pool float in plastic, which above all, you still have to inflate yourself. With a passion for design and a clear view ahead, this was the beginning of Mr. Blue Sky. Jackie was the name that Mr. Blue Sky gave to his first product: a lovely solution to the challenge of creating an elegant, beautiful and perfectly conceptualized floating lounger.” This innovative product, Jackie, floats on the water but can also be used as a lounger, which Gaëtan goes on to explain. Not content with combining these two functions, the company launched another product, very similar to Jackie, except it holds two people. “As a product, Jackie combines two functions, on one hand, the product floats on the water, and on the other hand, it can be used as a lounger on the terrace near the swimming pool or on the boat’s deck. Shortly after, Mr. Blue Sky launched the Jackie twin which allows two people to enjoy the lounger together. Also, a platform was released to give the pool float an elegant base ashore.” Regarding these two products, they are both practical and aesthetically pleasing. The products are available in a range of colours and also the platforms that they can be set on are available in different shades of aluminium, as Gaëtan points out. “The aesthetical and practical aspects are deliberately combined to a perfect match. One can choose from 60 different colors of outdoor upholstery and three colors of powder-coated aluminium for the platform. “Everything is UV resistant, water-repellent, stain-proof, mold resistant, breathable and easy care. The cover, which is also available separately, can instantly be zipped off the lounger to be washed at 40°C. Mr. Blue Sky represents quality and design and can therefore be found in the high-end (outdoor) furniture store, through the better architects and by our website.” Gaëtan describes to us how the company ensure that clients always receive the best possible service. Aiming to produce only the highest quality products, the best materials are used which help make the loungers durable and easy to maintain. Everything is produced in Belgium, ensuring the company has control and can oversee the production stages. “On the whole, our aim to make the best floating lounger and all its accessories out of the highest quality materials results in products that are very durable and easy to maintain. We produce everything in Belgium close to our offices so we have perfect quality control.” The firm is constantly adapting and tinkering with its products to ensure that clients enjoy the best possible experience when using the firm. As Gaëtan observes, the team had to reinvent and combine existing materials in order to make the products more durable and add to the buoyancy and comfort of the loungers. “It is not an easy task to ensure the combination of buoyancy and comfort. Therefore, we had to reinvent and combine existing materials to come to the result we envisioned and which we patented.” Ultimately, there are some exciting projects coming up for the firm, as the team are constantly researching new products and looking for new information which may benefit their manufacturing process. “As we are not the traditional exterior furniture company we are constantly researching new products that bring something new and inventive to the market of outdoor leisure. We have some interesting developments on the way which we will announce this Autumn to be ready for the 2018 season.” “The products are available in a range of colours and also the platforms that they can be set on are available in different shades of aluminium, as Gaëtan points out.”