LUX September 2017

LUX - September 2017 7 Nuna LEAF: A Rocking Way To Put Your Child To Sleep Drawing on over 11 years’ experience as a professional photographer, Janine is able to capture heartfelt moments and glorious images for her clients. Her interest in the subject began at University and blossomed thanks to the support of a professional photography studio in Walsall, as Janine explains. “I first became interested in photography during my time at Coventry University, where I undertook a degree in Media Production. Originally my focus was on filmmaking, with a view to creating documentaries, but during my first year I took a course in photography and fell in love with the medium. “During my second year, I was lucky enough to take a placement at a professional photography studio in Walsall specialising in family and portrait photography. At the beginning, my role was as an assistant, making the children laugh and keeping them entertained, as well as general fetching and carrying, but as time went on I stayed with the studio and trained as a professional photographer. Photography, like many creative industries, is a tough market to enter into, and as such I feel privileged to have worked with such a kind and supportive studio for six years, spanning my University degree and beyond. By the time I left to go travelling I had become Studio Manager, and had gained enough knowledge to start my own business on my return.” Four years later and the business continues to flourish, thanks to Janine’s commitment to creating truly individual images which incorporate natural themes. Her work spans across two categories: the first is new born photography, capturing the first days of life for babies up to ten days old; the second is family photography, working with young children and their parents to showcase their unique bond. Working across two different styles of photography offers variety, and no two shoots are the same, as Janine is keen to highlight. “Both sides of my work are fascinating and provide me with a great deal of inspiration and enjoyment. What links my work is my love of nature, and I incorporate this into both sides of my business. The new born photography is taken at the clients’ home, as the babies are very young and the key is to make them comfortable. Pictures of young babies are best taken when they are asleep, therefore before I arrive I always advise parents to feed their baby and make them feel relaxed. The room we use is kept warm, and I have a white noise machine and lots of blankets to mimic the womb and keep the babies feeling safe and relaxed. Natural props, such as flowers or leaves, emphasise the innocence of these precious subjects. “For family and lifestyle shoots I work with the client to select an outdoor venue of outstanding natural beauty, then allow them to be themselves as I take photographs. This is particularly useful when dealing with young, nervous or hyperactive children, as they are allowed to play and act as normal, making them feel relaxed and providing truly candid pictures. Many of the clients I work with comment that they enjoy the informal nature of these shoots as the results are always un-posed and realistic, showing them interacting with their families and enjoying themselves rather than rigidly staring into the lens.” For both styles of photography, patience is key, and Janine’s experience, and the affinity she has created with children as a result, both allow her to create spectacular photographs which bring out the very best in her subjects. Whilst her lifestyle photos encapsulate people in action, showing natural poses and action shots of subjects playing and in motion, new born shoots require the subject to be kept calm, safe and, if possible, asleep. Babies over ten days old are more alert and less comfortable in the foetal positions that characterise true new born photography, therefore children over ten days old are photographed in similar situations to their older counterparts, with cosy, natural pictures taken against rustic backgrounds. Her work has become so popular over the years that expectant mothers often book their new born shoots whilst pregnant to guarantee that Janine is available to encapsulate their child’s very first days in the world. Ultimately, it is thanks to her experience that Janine is able to cultivate the right atmosphere in every situation, which helps her to create the ideal setting for a great shoot, ensuring a truly glorious outcome. This expertise is crucial to bringing out the best in her subjects; alongside this, Janine’s love for her role and love of creating one-of-a-kind images drives her and sees her put every effort into all her shoots, as she proudly concludes. “Photography has always been my passion, and I adore being able to take photos which capture more than just a moment in time, but also a small piece of the subject’s true personality. Patience, skill and creativity are all vital to creating unique pictures which will offer a window into the soul, and I feel honoured to be able to show the world these beautiful images.” Janine Healy is an award-winning photographer based in the West Midlands who specialises in portrait photography. We spoke to her about her work and how she creates stunning photographs which her clients can treasure forever. To find out more and see examples of Janine’s work please visit her Facebook page: janinehealy/ “Photography has always been my passion, and I adore being able to take photos which capture more than just a moment in time, but also a small piece of the subject’s true personality.”