2018 Sports & Recreation Awards

www.lux-review.com Page 15 LUX 2018 Sport & Recreation Awards Drawing on a its vast experience welcoming a range of guests, the Marin Country Club combines the love of golf with friends, family and programming to create a unique country club in San Francisco's North Bay. Members play the game they love on a stunning golf course, hit balls on the club’s plexi-cushion tennis courts, enjoy exceptional cuisine with close friends, relax around the superb swimming pools and stay fit in the Fitness Center, outdoor space and Pilates Studio. At Marin Country Club, the large variety of programmed activities including casino nights, family BBQs, karaoke, cooking classes, family golf nights, wine tasting, Friday night socials, fitness and Wellness activities, Club course fun runs, hiking socials and silent disco yoga allow adults and children to enjoy activities with their friends and make lifelong memories. In 2018, Marin Country Club expanded its wellness department, which now offers a host of new activities. These include boot camp classes, Men’s and Ladies Specialty classes, Pilates Mat, Pilates Springboard, Yoga classes, Golf-specific personal training, Biomechanics The Marin Country Club is a private Club offering Golf, Tennis and Wellness club in the Bay Area with exceptional facilities and activities for the whole family. We profile the establishment to find out more about the facilities it has to offer. Marin Country Club Best Golf & Social Club 2018 - the Bay Area and Corrective Exercise, “CLUB” Talks and Feldenkrais. A unique component of the offerings at Marin Country Club include the club’s outreach to service a diverse demographics of members from children to active, older adults. Programs include sport specific and fitness-based offerings for the youth summer program in addition to activities for Millennials through Boomers. To ensure it continues offering guests and members the solutions they need, Marin Country Club stays abreast of the top health trends, wellness and medicine proactively. The team pride themselves on offering a personal touch by creating unique experiences for members. As part of this, staff are spirited and creative, always thinking outside of the box. Today, the team is noticing members gravitate towards the best deals in town, new experiences and the most recent trends. As a result of this, steps are being taken to continue to engage a sense of community by offering new programs such as Glide Fit, Mindset Training courses and Wellness and Fitness retreats locally and abroad. As part of its focus on remaining at the forefront of emerging industry developments, Marin Country Club employs technologies like Instagram, Facebook, text messages and emails as methods of communication to their members regarding events and programs offered at the Club. As technologies shift, the Club will explore new ways to engage members in activities. Looking ahead, the future of Marin Country Club includes considering how to service the future generations of the Club and desires of the Millennials to continue to build membership and plan for the future. Research shows that potential members seeking out club membership desire more wellness-based offerings. Therefore, the Club will continue to strive to evaluate and invest in its facilities and programs to meet this need. Humans are living longer lives, creating an imperative need to offer programs to active, older adults. This will also be a key focus for this dynamic and innovative Club as it looks forward to a bright, successful future. Company: Marin Country Club Contact: Kimberly Becker, Wellness Director Address: 500 Country Club Drive, Novato, CA, 94949, USA Phone: 001 415 382 6700 Website: www.marincountryclub.com

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