LUX Spring 2018

122 With a vast history spanning more than half a century, Royal Lancaster London first opened in 1967. From the very beginning this has been a standout establishment that has been involved in many iconic British moments, such as hosting the launch party after the premiere of “Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles. Upon entering the hotel, the first impression is the elegant design of the lobby, and the excellent customer service from the staff creating a welcoming, friendly atmosphere. In keeping with its prestigious portfolio of former guests, the hotel uses the very best aspects of the 1960s, the era of sumptuous design, to create a classically luxurious space where guests feel immediately welcomed. The lobby is a large open plan space, including a large Living Lounge and Hyde Lobby Bar which is open for drinks and light cuisine. The hotel embodies the glamour of the 1960s with use of gold colouring, soft pine wood, marbled floors and minimalist design. With 411 rooms spread across 18 floors, this magnificent hotel boasts a truly stunning view of London in all its glory. The views vary from room to room, with some overlooking the hustle and bustle of London safely away from the noise while others boast a vista overlooking the famous Hyde park. Each view is spectacular, allowing guests to appreciate the grandeur of this extraordinary city. Each floor is unique, and when stepping out into the 18th floor the soft pine wood changes to a dark walnut, as well as featuring higher ceilings and distinct carpets creating a luxurious ambiance. In particular, the 18th floor holds some of the hotels more luxury rooms such as the Royal Suite. The hotel’s exceptional Executive Guestrooms across all floors are a very genius In the throes of an £80 million refurbishment, the Royal Lancaster London is a stylish and elegant establishment showcasing the glories of the city’s historic Hyde Park. This iconic London landmark is a jewel in the capital’s crown, boasting over 50 years’ experience hosting some of the world’s most influential and renowned names. Retreat Exclusive ImmerseYourself in True London Luxury at Royal Lancaster London