LUX Spring 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 19 Spring 2018 Discussing the facets, which makes the establishment unique, and to set itself apart from other hotels and spas in its area, alongside being 100% St. Lucian owned, managed and staffed, providing a real St. Lucian culture. “Importantly, Fond Doux is the only certified working plantation resort in St. Lucia and the Caribbean. It is also the only resort in St. Lucia which has preserved the islands architectural heritage, where we have purchased abandoned colonial buildings, restoring and rebuilding them in the gardens as holiday accommodations.” With regards to the luxurious tourist market, Eroline mentions the current trends on how the resort adapts to these specific fashions. Stamping out the uniqueness, the team at Fond Doux map out trends as well as follow the healthy lifestyles to include nutrition, relaxation and exercise. Importantly, as a proud St. Lucian resort, staff delve into the local culture and influences. “Concerning active lifestyles, we have had to accommodate these needs through our food offerings and fitness facilities. We updated our spa, further developed the hiking trails on property and offered more off the beaten packages tours. More and more, people on their honeymoons now want to immerse themselves into the local culture. Therefore, as part of the on-property activities, we have included private candlelight dinners at the wedding gazebo and vow renewals. “A further sign of our versatility, we have had to adapt around more diet intolerances, and as such, more comprehensive meal types have been created for vegetarians, vegans and gluten free diets, as well as many food allergies. Having mentioned dietary requirements and other new trends, Eroline also tells us about how guests’ expectations have changed since the resort’s inception, with clients wanting to unwind and de-stress from busy metropolitan countries. To enhance the guests experience here on the plantation, we have invested in more facilities to include a spa, extension of the hiking trails, entertainment on various nights, shuttle to the beach, more comfortable furnishings to include drapery and soft furnishings as well as the aesthetics of tropical living. “The resort has seen a record increase in international awards especially for service excellence. Proof of the resorts accomplishments is also reflected by the calibre of the guests who have flocked to visit Fond Doux, among them Princess Margaret and Prince Charles of England with Lady Camilla.” Eroline was recently bestowed with an MBE (Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire) given by Prince Williams of England for outstanding achievement and service to the business community. Moving forward, Eroline outlines the future in store for the resort, hinting at expansion in a variety of areas, including remodelling and building new facilities. Digital marketing is now the best form of marketing and we have now phased out of print advertising. We are investing more into digital marketing. As more resorts and hotels pop up around St. Lucia, it is vital that Fond Doux reacts accordingly. “Looking ahead, in our plans we have the construction of five additional cottages, new gym, bigger lap pool and the remodelling of the spa to include an outdoor treatment area. Also, we are enticing more Saint Lucians to experience the resort, as they become ambassadors, as you know “word of mouth” is the best form of advertising. Contact: Eroline Lamontagne Address: P.O. Box SF 350, Soufriere Post Office, Soufriere, LC09 101, St. Lucia Phone: 1-758-459-7545 Website: