LUX Spring 2018

20 1803LU07 Most LuxuriousWomen’s Retreat in Bali Escape Haven Bali is Bali’s leading boutique wellness resort, offering women weekly packages covering a selection of activity and wellness programmes such as surfing, yoga, healing, meditation, fitness, Ayurveda and lots of spa treatments. We speak to Founder, Janine Hall as we find out more about this wonderful and luxurious destination. Escape Haven Bali is set across 12 luxurious villas fringed by exotic jungle and rice paddy fields in the beautiful beach town of Canggu. The resort is able to host a maximum of 14 women at a time, and and boasts a team of 40 professionals and wellness experts, all of whom are there to support and nurture their female guests. Aiming to provide the perfect wellness getaway for women, the team at Escape Haven believe that every woman possesses the ability to rejuvenate, transform and blossom into the most radiant version of themselves when given the right amount of time, space and support. Therefore, the team at the resort work hard to offer a nourishing, uplifting and luxurious environment. Kiwi Founder Janine says, “Here at Escape Haven, we believe that a woman can only give what she has, which is why we think it is important for her to press pause and replenish her tank every now and then. Our belief is that by investing in her wellbeing and giving back to herself, a woman can live up to her full potential, fulfil her dreams, and ultimately, give back to others. It’s through this belief that, I created this luxurious sanctuary exclusively for women. Its sole focus is to enable women to reclaim their depleted energies and be nurtured back to a state of flourishing vitality.” Aiming to deliver the best possible service to guests, the resort hires its staff on brand values of care, compassion, passion for excellence warmth and engagement. Janine explains what techniques the team employ in order to make sure the women receive the best experience that they can.