LUX Spring 2018

28 hair will always make a woman feel more attractive, but growing hair naturally can take years and be impossible for some, and so this is the market they target with great success. An essential part of the company’s success, is that Flirt Products’ real hair extension simply sits around the head, with no attachment to the wearer’s hair. It takes seconds to wear or remove, and even though it is not attached it will not come off. It has been tried and tested in an actual wind tunnel machine, something the team at Flirt Products are very proud of. Across the industry, sales of hair care products are an important revenue source for many salons, providing at least 5 to 15 per cent of their annual revenue. Flirt Products are aware of this, and provide easy selling techniques to help the clients make the most of their fantastic solutions and methods. Gross margins are higher for hair products accessories, than for salon stylist services and retail sales can be small in volume but can also be a major source of profits for many stores. Flirt Products provides easy selling techniques such as displays, easy access to the product and high profit and gross margin structure, which means that salons can boost their product sales and revenues. Flirt Products will provide free teaching sessions for students on how to use and sell their Flirt Hair Extensions, who are studying at colleges and hairdressing / beauty schools in the mainland U.K. Encompassing a variety of services, Flirt Products hair extension range capitalises on an assortment of industries, including weddings (both domestic and overseas), proms, special events, everyday beauty, health and wellbeing. Furthermore, it also provides products for the transgender community, alongside everyday demand for thicker and longer hair. Flirt Products has recently revamped its online shopping, webpage & social media experience and is building a YouTube channel called “Flirt Hair Extensions”, that is specifically aimed at showcasing their products. The Flirt Hair Extension itself was featured on CTV “Morning Live” Show, CTV “Live @ 5” show in Canada and other well-renowned TV & Radio channels (CTV is the Canadian equivalent of the UK’s ITV channel).