LUX Spring 2018

36 Travel Dreams are a full service online agency based in Cape Town, assisting clients with planning their local and international travel experiences. The team at Travel Dreams Reservations give us an insight into the luxurious journeys and experiences that they provide. Travel Dreams is all about service. One of the many aspirations of the organisation is to create memories which last a lifetime, and the team believe that no matter what the budget is, there is a real desire to accommodate guests and clients with a holiday package that will not simply be just okay, but memorable. Typically, the company’s client base covers most of Southern Africa, thanks Travel Dreams’ strong presence on social media, with the company boasting around 135,000 loyal customers on Facebook. It is on social media where the team encourage and embrace feedback, taking everything on board, including suggestions made by clients and guests. Looking to provide the best experiences possible, Travel Dreams prides itself on standing out amongst other agencies in South Africa by providing an excellent level of service and expertise. The team truly cares about its clients and strives to deliver its services with the utmost care and integrity, and they explain to us how they are always aiming to achieve excellence and provide the best possible service. “Here at Travel Dreams, we believe in providing an honest service to clients that is filled with passion and adventure. Our clients’ wellbeing and interest is always the main priority. With a highly experienced and well-trained team of experts, we are able to source rates that are competitive and superb value for money.” Explaining a little about the entirety of staff within Travel Dreams, the team outline what methods are in place to ensure that everyone within the business is aware of the firm’s aims and as such behave accordingly. “Operating with a stringent hiring structure, our staff at Travel Dreams are handpicked for their skill, expertise and experience, but most importantly their synergy with the values we hold strong in our company. By our staff buying into our company culture, these values filter through to the service we provide to our clients and ultimately their holiday experience. We strive to maintain a high level of service and always aim to improve where we can, and this value system filters through into every work day, every holiday and every life we change through travel.” 1802LU05 With organisations such as Travel Dreams providing such memorable experiences, the bar is being raised and clients are having much higher expectations. The team comment on how technology is becoming a major influence in the tourism industry, and they explain how they are utilising it to the fullest effect. “Essentially, the online tourismmarket is ever growing as technology evolves and clients are wanting a service that is not only fast, efficient, value driven but also trustworthy. To stay with and ahead of markets, our staff is trained on a weekly basis not only on travel but skills that are assets and essential to stand out. Our skilled team has grown with the demanding market, offering support teams, a 24-hour emergency consultant, different payment options and terms to suit each individual client. There is nothing like excellent after-sales care up to the point where our clients land back home, to ensure continuous repeat and referral business. “As an online agency, clients have the freedom of contacting us no matter where they are. Clients can be calling us from the home or work space, and while they travel anywhere in the world we are always available, 24/7, on various platforms. This allows the client to feel secure in the proven service they find with us. As an environmentally minded company we encourage electronic documentation, along with online payment services. With our sophisticated, custom developed booking system, we are able to offer a seamless experience that have clients coming back again and again.” Ultimately, in the times ahead, Travel Dreams will look to build on its already impressive reputation of providing the best journeys imaginable. The company will continue to grow and there is clearly a lot to look forward to in the near future. The team are keen to sign off by mentioning how important it is that the client enjoys their experience, and how the team are passionate themselves. “Lastly, it is important for our clients to know that we see them as people, not just another sale. Changing someone’s holiday by providing them with an unforgettable journey as opposed to simply a holiday, is what makes a travel experience memorable. It is all about the impact and excitement of the journey, from the moment a traveller starts the planning of a holiday until they have returned. We are passionate about travel ourselves, and absolutely love to invest all our care and attention into having our clients experience that same excitement when they set out on their journey, making each holiday one they will always remember.” Company: Travel Dreams Contact: Travel Dreams Reservations Address: Unit BHF2B, Block H, Sable Square, Cnr Bosmansdam Rd & Ratanga Rd, Cape Town, 7441, South Africa Phone: 00 27 21 5000 555 Website: Welcome to Paradise Explore