LUX Spring 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 39 Spring 2018 leaders, James Free Jewelers. Restaurant clients involve unique start up clients along with industry leaders such as Buffalo Wild Wings and Starbucks. “Our philosophy not only applies to constructing new buildings, but also renovating existing or repurposing older facilities. Our world is ever changing; therefore, our buildings must also evolve in order to best serve our clients’ needs. This means we may rebrand a current facility, renovate the building or when necessary construct a completely new building. The nature of our renovation work will vary depending on the needs of our client, and the demands of their customers.” Although the overall outcome of a project is vitally important, Donald is eager to highlight the fact that the process is as important, and as such he and his team work hard to offer clients the support and advice they need right from the start. “At K&A, our intent is for all projects to run quickly and smoothly. To assist in accomplishing this, we utilize project management methods that tracks time schedules and task responsibility. This type of graphic scheduling, allows our clients and ourselves to follow what work is being done, what work still needs to be done, and the next time client reviews and staff input will occur. As part of this process, our design team strives to remain aggressive in their attention to detail and budget. In order to ensure our philosophy is reflected in everything we do, a Principal Architect is directly involved with each project we undertake, as proper leadership is essential to delivering professional services. This systematic method of scheduling and management is a critical part for K&A to establish delivery dates of services. Our goal to maintain the design and construction schedule ultimately translates into our clients’ business success.” Combining these traditional client focused values with modern technologies, allows the firm to provide clients with an ideal solution, as Donald explains. “The utilization of computers has drastically altered the design profession. The use of this technology has provided dramatic advantages with respect to the speed and accuracy of the production of design concepts and documents. Computers allow the design team to quickly take a client’s ideas and immediately begin to generate three dimensional computer models for the design team to view.” “Ironically, we have discovered that in today’s age of communication, people tend not to communicate as they should. K&A stresses to all team members that we are all only as good as the information provided. E-mail groups are constantly used in order to keep the entire project team aware of communication between team members. This allows us to rapidly get information in the hands of those that need it. Digital photography allows us to convey instant documentation of current situations along with our messages in order to better explain our communications. “Fundamentally, we embrace technology as it affects our profession and our society. We are consistently developing ways which allows technology to better assist the design and management of our buildings. For us, that means 3D computer modeling programs which allows us to incorporate our clients’ needs with our design vision and create a design that will meet the intent of the project. This extensive utilization of technology ultimately assists our clients in saving money and delivering projects on schedule.” Since K&A’s inception, the architecture industry has shifted, and today many businesses are immediately in need of accurate construction estimates prior to the design process. Donald has positioned K&A to respond to these industry needs by also owning a construction company. By joining the advanced knowledge of construction means and methods of a construction company, with the architectural design skills of K&A, the result is projects that are designed to the optimum level and are aligned with the client’s budget and ultimately completed on schedule. K&A Architecture is ahead of this curve due to its constantly expanding knowledge base, which spans the whole construction market. Overall, Donald believes that, thanks to their diverse knowledge and family oriented approach, K&A is able to provide their clients with not only the service they need, but the service they truly deserve. It takes a special relationship to go into business with your spouse, and their success is credited to the mutual respect provided to each other. This respect and dedication is constantly apparent in the relationships with their clients. Name: Donald P. Kiley, AIA, NCARB, CSI Suzanne Kiley, Vice President Company: K&A Architecture, Inc. Address: 135 W. Dorothy Lane, Suite 200, Kettering, Ohio, 45429, USA Phone: 001 937 294 3650 Website: