LUX Spring 2018

67 Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort is a 5-star luxury boutique resort, located on the East Coast of Zanzibar, on the beautiful Pongwe Beach. We invited GM Lukas Sinogl to tell us more about the attractive resort and what makes it so enticing to visitors from all over the world. Opening its gates for the first time just over two years ago, Guests have been visiting Tulia from all over the world. Typically, Guests are mainly Honeymooners as well as older couples, and they are enticed to the resort as they seek to relax and enjoy the peacefulness of the place. The General Manager explains what techniques and methods the team use in order to make a Guests’ stay memorable, including adapting and adjusting its services accordingly, leaving the person hungry to return for more. “Here at Tulia, we know that each Guest is unique and so we adapt and adjust our service in order to satisfy even the most discerning of our esteemed Guests. We strive for perfection and we pay attention to each detail as, in most situations, it is the details that make the difference.” “Additionally, we always keep in mind the fact that our Guests travelled from thousands of miles away, and this might be their only vacation in a long time and so, there is no other option for us, then to make this vacation unforgettable.” Another enticing aspect of the resort is that staff give Guests the space and privacy they need, meaning it is the perfect getaway. Lukas explains how it is important to give Guests their space, but also make sure they know that 24-hour help is always available. “At the same time, we make sure to always be there to assist them and, of course, to surprise them: a romantic dinner under the stars, a picnic on the beach, the small things that will create unforgettable, exciting memories.” “Furthermore, we start creating those memories at the gates, while welcoming the Guests with a drum beat that makes you wonder what to expect. However, as the Maasai open the gates into this gorgeous botanical garden, you will definitely know you are in the right place.” 1803LU10 The team deliver excellent customer service and can confidently guarantee that clients thouroughly enjoy their stay. “Throughout the team, our employees definitely like to ‘show off’. They make it seem like nothing is too challenging or difficult, and it is in their nature to help and to be kind and friendly. One of our colleagues was pointing out the fact that, at Tulia, everyone is a Guest Relations Manager: the gardener, the maintenance staff, our housekeeping ladies, absolutely everyone that will have the chance to interact with the Guest for one second, will make sure to offer a smile and offer a warm presence.” An award-winning resort, it is the team at Tulia which Lukas is keen to praise, and he believes that they are major contributors to the resort’s success. The team are always adapting to rising Guest expectations, which have increased due to the more resorts popping up around the world. “We see new resorts opening all around us and we are aware that there is plenty of potential competition out there. However, we are not intimidated by this as we are a unique resort. Instead, we consider it a challenge to improve and to continue to grow our own way.” Tulia is a tropical Paradise, and most of the resort’s Guests visit the destination for the ‘barefoot experience’. Visitors want to get away from all the technology that surrounds them 24/7 and the team make that possible. Furthermore, staff at the resort tries to be as nature integrated and as eco- friendly as possible, and the team also guides its Guests in that direction. Regarding the future, there are many new, exciting projects which would make Tulia a self-sustainable resort and this project would also help the local community. In his concluding comments, the GM is keen to emphasise that the resort’s Guests will find the new developments incredibly rewarding, and predicts that more Guests will be enticed. “Moving forwards, we are already working on developing our own farm, where we will be growing herbs, fruits, vegetables as well as housing domestic animals. Additionally, the wine cellar will also be an elegant addition to our resort. All of this would not be possible, of course, without the dedication of our team members, the majority of which are local people. These activities are very rewarding to us and we welcome the Guests to take part, of course. We look forward to welcoming new and enthusiastic Guests to at Tulia.” Resorting to a Luxury Lifestyle Style Company: Tulia Zanzibar Unique Beach Resort Contact: Lukas Sinogl Address: Pongwe – Pwani, Zanibar Central/South, Tanzania Phone: 00 255 773 409 377 Website: