LUX Spring 2018

68 La Villa Pondicherry is a 19th century host house, refined while keeping the spirit of its colonial past, featuring six suites, a swimming pool, a restaurant. We profile the venue and find out the most enticing aspects of this mind-blowing location and scenery. La Villa is a converted old French colonial house, and has been converted into a wonderful and luxurious hotel by Parisian architects, Ms Tina Trigala and Mr Yves Lesprit. Providing the perfect getaway for those who are looking to escape a hectic lifestyle and enjoy the picturesque views, La Villa is the only property in Pondicherry, India which has been renovated under the approach of adaptive reuse of heritage buildings. Whilst many other buildings which have been renovated have changed beyond recognition or replaced completely, La Villa has been able to keep its original look and only a few alterations were made to make it become a small luxury hotel. The team are proud of this aspect and feel it brings authenticity, as well as a unique nature to La Villa. Looking to always provide only the best possible service to guests, the team at La Villa are trained to an exceptionally high standard and always look to offer an innovative approach to satisfy every guest. Making guests feel personally welcome, and treating them like an individual, the hotel looks to offer a service out of this world. There is not a standard operational procedure which staff follow, and they are encouraged to speak from their heart, and do what they feel is right for the guest. When a guest first enters the establishment, they are sure to be struck by the wonderful displays throughout the hotel. Guests will be amazed by the cleanliness and the flexibility and versatility of staff allows guests to check in whenever they feel they want to, and wherever. Also, guests are able to 1804LU13 check in in the garden, in the common room, in the main hall, or near the swimming pool, they are really given the freedom to do what they want. Aiming to be unique and stand out within the industry, the team at La Villa follow a non-trendy and timeless approach, thinking with freedom and creativity. However, employees do follow the technological revolution, which is a must in this ever increasingly technology dominated generation. Guests could now demand and expect WiFi, but the destination is also seen as the perfect place to relax in India. La Villa attracts visitors who are looking for unique hotels which offer an inimitable experience. Enjoying an experience which is not provided anywhere else is something La Villa is able to offer throughout the region, and is a key aspect in its ability to entice guests on a regular basis. The hotel has its own concierge application called loungeup, helping guests to raise a query whenever they want. Ultimately, there are many projects on the horizon for La Villa, and these projects will lead to even more successes for the hotel. Moving forwards, the team will place a greater emphasis on food and drink, having just employed award-winning chef Michel Christmann. Lastly, innovative in its nature, La Villa Pondicherry is also aiming to speed up the development of its IDEA Shop, a small shop made with authentic, unique and tailor-made, handcrafted products, which are made with local artisans. Contact: Segiyane Sylvain Paquiry Address: 11, Surcouf street Pondicherry, 605001, India Phone: 914132338555 Website: Simple Luxury in Pondicherry Retreat