LUX Spring 2018

79 Reethi Beach Resort is full of elegant and spacious, detached and semi-detached villas, all of which are built from natural materials in typical Maldivian-style, providing first class comfort in a unique setting. Zayan Fayaz, Head of PR and Marketing, took the time to tell us more about the luxurious resort. At Reethi Beach Resort, the staffs place a focus on cultivating calm, relaxing, and unique environments in which guests feel at home once they stay at the resort. Zayan believes that the culture at Reethi Beach is to always put the guests’ individual needs at the front lines of their service. He starts off the discussion by telling us what the resort team does in order to provide the best possible service to its guests. “Here at Reethi Beach Resort, we take all guest comments and views to account when delivering customer service, we review guest feedback, comment cards and reviews and adapt accordingly. We look at guest information by interacting with the guest prior and during the stay and use that information to create a memorable stay.” “For example, we could get to know that the guest either likes exhilarating experiences such as adrenaline rushes from water sports - or relaxing at the spa and taking the most calming massage ever. In a way, to an extent, we could call it helping to plan out a tailored experience for guests with individual needs.” When a guest first enters the establishment, it is important that the team ensures the guests’ initial impression is memorable and will remain that way for their stay and hopefully life. He tells us what a guest first sees when they enter the resort. “We have been operating for 20 years and our reviews tell the story of experiences and lasting impressions. Our team personally welcomes all guests with a traditional Maldivian resort welcome, and make conversation with them on the way to the reception and their rooms - this helps the guest to easily let our staff know what they’re looking forward to as well.” Looking to provide the best experience possible is the main aim of the resort. Telling us a little about the team, he ensures that everyone within the business is aware of the company’s aims and therefore acts accordingly. 1804LU10 “Across the resort, we have a diverse and mixed cultured team that is always kept up to date with all aspects of the business and aims we focus on. Upon visiting Reethi Beach itself, you will notice the change of atmosphere in terms of the mood everyone feels - it is our strong belief, and many reviews can back us up on this - the calming sensation you get is also because the staff accommodate it with their conduct and hospitality, making guests’ stay memorable as the Reethi Beach experience.” Boasting a worldwide reputation, Reethi Beach Resort is able to stand out apart from other getaway resorts throughout the region. He tells us what differentiates the resort apart from other beach resorts. “Citing just a few of the aspects which make us unique, our reviews speak for us, as our large amounts of repeating guests highlight that they enjoy it. The general feeling of happiness which people refer to as the Reethi Beach experience highlights how enjoyable their visit is, and the diverse methods our staff creatively come up with to keep the guests happy to ensure that they enjoy their stay.” Within the resort sector, Zayan talks up the importance of doing the little things in order to satisfy guests and visitors. Getting people to share experiences is all part of “the Reethi Beach Resort culture”. “It is all about the little things these days, and among the resort, we have an interaction point in parts of the island and put on events, as well as multiple gatherings. We show movies, sing along to karaoke, play some games, gather for the sunset, watch the sting rays and sharks come out every day and generally keep things interactive. These are all things we have implemented in our resort!” Regarding what the future holds for Reethi Beach Resort, there are clearly exciting times ahead. With new technology being developed every day, and client expectations increasing on a daily basis, the staff at the resort must react accordingly. In his concluding comments, he tells us about the developments in the future for the resort, and also what changes he foresees having an impact on the luxury beach resort sector. “Recently, we opened a new resort in the neighbouring Raa Atoll, called Reethi Faru Resort, and it’s just stunning. It’s a Bio-Luxury resort where there is a diverse offering for different price points. Everything seems to be moving faster in terms of technology, new strategies and ways to acquire customers, new careers such as travel blogging/ vlogging and social media influencers. Most of all, we don’t just adapt to these changes - we actively welcome them and we interact with them on a daily basis.” It’s the Little Things That Matter at Reethi Beach Resort Retreat Contact: Zayan Fayaz – Head of PR & Marketing Address: Fonimagoodhoo, Baa Atoll, Maldives. Phone: +960 660 2626 Website: &