LUX Spring 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 83 Spring 2018 “Working with an assortment of clients, I make sure to create Chic and Ethic Interior Design solutions to maintain my success as an interior designer. Additionally, I try to develop fine abilities; research new trends, products, materials and mix all of these elements with communication, clarity, research, excellence, sustainability and fun as well as elegancy.” Across the sector, Bahar has been able to gain experience which is unrivalled throughout the industry. As well as working with VIPs and Royal families, Bahar has acted as an Interior Decorator for many other clients, providing guidance on all interior décor matters which relate to a very extensive renovation and initial design of various properties. As part of her work with high profile clients, Bahar was able to provide valuable guidance and support in regard to Interior Design, colour schemes and furniture selection, something she believes to be her speciality. Bahar also possesses a striking ability and motivation to exceed the requirements of clients, and she has gained a reputation of transforming dreams into reality. Clients have found that that Bahar and the team she employs are very comfortable to work with, and there is never any worry that she will not achieve the result that she is looking for. Establishing itself as a leader within the Interior Design industry, Bahar Arts Interior Design works with high-profile clients around the world, and predominantly deals with clients from Oxfordshire who own wealthy houses and are looking for the best design service possible. With the client’s own designs in their minds, the team works with the client to aid them in stamping their own mark on their own homes, and this is why clients are increasingly excited to work with the company, as their expectations are constantly exceeded by Bahar and her team. “Typically, most of my clients from Oxfordshire, and are the owners of houses worth over £1 million. Usually, they want to place their stamp on their home. As such, I create timeless, functional designs and my target market values the classic designs I create because they are looking for a lasting design solution for their home. They place importance on the look and atmosphere of their interior spaces and are willing to spend money on good quality furniture and fittings. So, I deeply believe that there is a big interior design demand in market in Oxfordshire.” Ultimately, looking towards to the future, Bahar is keen to continue operating as a self-employed Interior Designer in the UK. She signs off by commenting on the recognition she has achieved from LUX Magazine and what she is looking forward to in the times ahead. “Moving forward, I intend to operate as a self-employed Interior Designer in the UK, and I intend to continue to grow my share of the market in the UAE and Turkey, while carving out a share of the UK’s interior design market. “Lastly, I really appreciate your recognition. Being a recognised Interior Designer, LUX has given me such a unique and valuable opportunity to represent myself to UK market. Thank you very much indeed.” Company: Bahar Arts Interior Design Ltd Contact: Bahar Murphy Address: Bahar Interiors, Unit 7, Arbery Arcade, Market Place, Wantage, Oxfordshire, OX12 8AB, UK Phone: 07463 496 979 Website: