LUX Spring 2018

84 O’Sullivan Property Consultants Ltd is a boutique service specialising in Residential Lettings, Management and Advising clients in their purchases of Residential and Investment Properties. We spoke to founder of the firm, Hamza Lakhany as we look to gain an insight into the ongoing success of the company. Established in 2005, O’Sullivan’s Mayfair office is ideally located right in the heart of central London, within close proximity to all the desirable residential areas. Amongst the team are highly experienced staff who all possess extensive knowledge of all types of residential properties. Hamza talks us through the company’s typical offerings and what approach the team uses when working with a new client. “Here at O’Sullivan’s, we guide our clients and help them to choose the right property for them, whether it be an investment or another choice. Once the client has acquired the property, then our strong management team helps them to find the right tenant. “Before we start our search or project, we make a detailed profile of our client to make the search as accurate as possible. This is because our clients lead very busy lives, and we have to make sure we do all the hard work for themwhen helping them to find the right property.” Operating within the competitive estate agent market, there are many aspects of the company which help to mark it out as the best option for clients. Hamza explains that his own experience, as well as that of the team are key factors which differentiate the firm from typical estate agents. “At O’Sullivan’s, our service is next to none, and with the CEO’s background in concierge business, we are not your typical estate agent. We go that extra mile for our clients, and an additional plus is that we are on a first name basis with all agents, meaning we are able to give our clients a wide range of options. When working with us, clients are able to have a feel for the whole market, and with the fast-paced but friendly service they receive, they are guaranteed to get the full experience and not a rushed approach. “Furthermore, O’Sullivan’s is a one stop shop, as we guide our customers to buy the right property, and then help themwith the conveyancing process. Once they 1804LU05 have bought the property, we help them settle in by providing a furnishing service, as well as assisting themwith their utilities. Lastly, we help our clients in every step of the way to make the whole process as enjoyable as possible.” Alongside the professionalismwith which the company operates, the team is also dedicated to ensuring that customers are happy with the service that they receive, and are likely to return with more business in the future. The team at O’Sullivan’s want to be known as the best boutique agency on continuous basis, and there is a lot of optimism throughout the company which will keep the company growing. Sticking to its values has seen the company grow steadily, and Hamza comments on what aspects of the real estate industry have been particularly challenging to the firm, but he is clearly excited about howwell the agency has done. “Central London at the moment is having its toughest times, due to the uncertainty hanging over us due to Brexit, as well as supply of stock and buyer confidence at its lowest. However, London has been resilient to such conditions in the past and we shall come out of this stronger. “As we are in our 14th year, we are privileged to have repeat business from our loyal clients, and we are working even harder to ensure that they receive the same level of service, without compromising their expectations. In addition, we have had to make sure we are on top of the tough market conditions to provide our clients the comfort they need.” Alluding to O’Sullivan’s extensive success, Hamza tells us about he and his team’s most successful project to date and discusses which lessons staff have learnt when achieving this success. “The most successful time for the agency to date, was when we were able to close two very substantial deals in the same week. This was purely due to our insight of the market, as well as being able to offer our clients off market opportunities and finding exactly what they required.” Regarding what the future holds for O’Sullivan Property Consultants, Hamza is clearly looking forward to the times ahead for the company. Discussing the future aspirations of the company, Hamza signs off by hinting at possible expansion regarding the services that the team is offering, “Looking ahead, our business is growing and we have plans to expand and try to attract clients from different markets, such as China and Turkey as well as similar regions where their economy is doing better than the rest of the world.” Holding In-Depth Knowledge of the Capital’s Most Sought-After Postcodes Style Company: O’Sullivan Property Consultants Ltd Contact: Hamza Lakhany Address: Liberty House, 222 Regent Street, London, W1B 5TR, UK Phone: 07887 963 0505 Website: