LUX Spring 2018

85 Caitlin Henderson Design (CHD) is an interior design firm specialising in luxury interiors. We profile CHD and speak to Caitlin about what attributes she possesses which have contributed to her extremely successful career. Caitlin Henderson works with global artisans and contemporary artists to provide completely unique interiors for each client. Adaptable and versatile, Caitlin listens to her client’s needs, and executes interiors reflective of each client’s individual taste. CHD offers clients a comprehensive design experience, drawing on Caitlin’s network of builders, architects, 3-D renderers and custom craftsman. The team manages the entire process from inception to installation, and Caitlin possesses extensive experience working for both global fashion brands such as ESCADA, as well as residential clients. Boasting a sterling reputation all around the world, CHD has designed homes in Saint-Tropez, London, St Moritz and Crans-Montana. The philosophy amongst Caitlin’s work is that design should be practical, elegant and personalised, as she believes that when designers are too married to their own taste, all of their projects begin to look the same, and the client’s unique personality is lost. Dealing with a wealth of clients, Caitlin enjoys with clients whose taste might not be her own, but who appreciate colours, textures and patterns that are new. She likes to think that she takes a client’s style and makes it better. Gaining the trust of clients and building long-term relationships is a crucial aspect of being a successful designer, with Caitlin of the opinion that successful designers utilise 10% creativity and 90% business management. If a designer cannot project manage, deliver goods on time and navigate tricky interpersonal relationships, the business will not work. Priding herself on her ability to maintain professionalism under immense pressure, Caitlin has overseen many successful projects. Holding a degree in Art History from UCLAwith a minor in Spanish, Caitlin believes that attending a top university developed her business acumen and introduced me to new cultures, styles and ways of life. Featuring in LUX’s 2018 Leading Designer Awards, Caitlin tells us how it feels to have been selected for this award, and which projects have contributed to her success, and which developments she found the most exciting to work on. “This award really propels me to think big picture about my firm, our goals for 2018 and how to position Caitlin Henderson Design as a go-to luxury design house. 1804LU23 “My most successful project to date was a nine-bedroom home on the bay in Saint-Tropez. One of my clients bought the property in September, called me in October, then asked if I could complete the space by June. I like to be realistic with clients and this time frame seemed impossible, but seven months later, we created a gorgeous retreat for a London family to spend the summer. We used some of the client’s existing furniture, worked with local teams in the South of France, Spain, block printers in India and shipped two truckloads of goods from the UK. In the end, the client was overjoyed and the space looked amazing. Beachy, colourful, and practical, that was one of the most fun and rewarding projects to work on.” Looking to the future, Caitlin is extremely optimistic about the design industry and the trends that are arising on a daily basis. She is delighted to see the industry accepting sustainable designs, and this will enable Caitlin to come into her own, producing unrivalled designs and projects across the sector. “The design industry is finally getting on board with sustainability and wellness. I am working on a very exciting new boutique hotel development centred around wellness and sleep. We designed a hotel room free of flashing lights, utilised the softest, natural materials, lots of unvarnished woods and soft lighting. Also, we included wellness elements like aroma diffusers and meditation cushions. The design industry is moving beyond functionality and is finally interested in how a space can aid in the quality of life. After studying the philosophy behind colour and the emotion it can draw out, we felt that green is the ideal soothing tone for the hotel. I do believe this project will revolutionise the industry, as well as offering travellers a better experience, especially when it comes to a good night’s sleep.” Ultimately, having established herself as a leading interior designer, Caitlin is looking to undertake a variety of new projects for CHD. Adopting a unique approach, Caitlin has identified a gap in the market which will allow her to flourish and continue to produce fantastic designs. “In the future, I would love to work on more vacation homes, as I find that clients are bolder in their tastes for holiday homes. We used punches of red in a ski chalet I recently designed in Switzerland, and the client was not afraid of red glass lamps, a red lacquer console, pieces that they might have found too bold in their Geneva home. Even if it is not a holiday home, I believe that every client should feel like they are on holiday when they step through the front door, and I firmly believe a house should make its owner feel happy. In 2018, I hope that we can continue to grow our business and offer clients the best version of their own style and taste.” Designs Around theWorld Style Address: 9 Rosebury Road, London SW6 2NH Phone: 07717570365 Website: SECONDARY LOGO PRIMARY TYPEFACE ABCDEFGHIJKLMNOPQRSTUVWXYZ 1234567890 FUN CITY LOGOMARK PATTERN COLORS WHITE PANTONE 427 PANTONE COOL GRAY 7