LUX Spring 2018

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 97 Spring 2018 Since its establishment in 1984, Sansiri has been passionate about enhancing the quality of life of its residents through sophisticated design, community service and continuous improvement. Today, this passion for excellence manifests itself in the form of its latest investment, which will see the firm partner with six key firms to create truly luxurious accommodation. These collaborators are Standard International, One Night, Hostmaker, JustCo, Farmshelf and Monocle. The projects that Sansiri is undertaking with each firm represent new, asset-light business models from the synergy opportunities and rapid- growth opportunities in this digital disruptive era. The potential increase in each company’s valuation, as a result of Sansiri’s share in ownership, positively benefits the core Sansiri business. Each of the brands Sansiri is collaborating with has been specifically chosen for its unique approach to hospitality and commitment to creating a dynamic and innovative outcome. Among these collaborators is Standard International, which offers the Standard Hotel, a creative brand famed for turning the hospitality industry on its head with exciting results. Since the firm opened its first location in West Hollywood in 1999, the team at the Standard have created the blueprint for a new kind of hotel experience which is design led, with creative destinations seeped in local culture and traditions to immerse guests in a one-of-a-kind experience. Standard International also manages One Night, an innovative app provider that offers guests a brand new means of booking their hotel room. Beginning at 3pm each day, 125 hotels in 11 cities around the world, including all of Standard International’s hotels, release unbeatable last-minutes prices for same night stays, with guests able to book an unforgettable night’s stay at a phenomenal price. Fellow collaborator Hostmaker is a home rental management specialist operating in London, Rome, Paris and Barcelona. Guests can make the most of traveling to a new city by staying in a member’s home, offering them a unique taste of local culture and the chance to enjoy home comforts in a thrilling new destination. This new concept involves a collaboration between homeowner and guest, and collaboration is a key theme of the entire investment, with many of Sansiri’s partners offering creative new approaches to collaboration. For example, JustCo is a Singapore based company allowing homeworkers the chance to share an office space with talented, likeminded individuals and companies instead of working alone at home. As Sansiri works in residential real estate, the firm will be working with them to provide these residents with unique spaces in which to work, creating an innovative new work/ life model perfect for the modern professional. Currently, Sansiri and JustCo have secured a plan to launch four new