Spring 2019

18 Feb19050 Fond Doux Plantation & Resort : Championing Sustainability & Authenticity With fifteen unique private cottages, two delectable onsite restaurants, organic spa, cascading pool and ‘Plas Cacao’ Chocolate shop, Fond Doux aims to deliver a complete package to sate even the most discerning of expectations. Yet, it is only a few minutes away from St. Lucia’s main attractions, including the majestic Pitons, Sulphur Springs, and the best diving sites on the island. There can be no mistake then, that Fond Doux is an impressive place indeed, and aims for nothing less than perfection in its hospitality, atmosphere and authenticity. Perhaps most evident about Fond Doux Plantation and Resort is its dedication to eco-tourism, grounded deeply in archetypal St. Lucian culture and heritage. It’s a rustic setting, forgoing modern amenities without sacrificing an ounce of luxury – a difficult task, but one that Fond Doux seems to pull off without a hitch. A guest can’t look in any direction without being overwhelmed by the sheer amount of lush greenery or awestruck by the incredibly mountain views. The message is clear – this is a place to relax, unwind and reconnect with the tranquil natural beauty that can be found at every turn and every corner. To start the interview, Eroline offers some background on the plantation and its bounty of offerings: “The primary work at the plantation resort is tourism and hospitality, food and beverage, spa treatments, weddings, vow renewals, birthdays, anniversaries and property tours. The secondary work is of a working plantation – the cultivation of cocoa, manufacturing of chocolates and cultivation of fruit trees. Ultimately, the Fond Doux Plantation offers an authentic Saint Lucian experience to vacationers who wish to experience the real Saint Lucia, and those that truly appreciate the preservation of history, and culture. The plantation resort is great for the soft-adventure traveller who seeks off-the-beaten path adventures. At Fond Doux, guests are sure to have a beautiful and unique experience, with days filled with fun adventure and treasure rest and recuperation.” Eroline continues, emphasising the plantation’s approach to providing best in class guest services. As a site of immense cultural value, Fond Doux regularly undergoes renovation and maintenance to ensure that guest’s always experience the true magic of the resort. “We ensure that the hotel is completely up-to-date, renovated with well-equipped furnished cottages. Everything is well kept, functional and in-harmony with the environment. Whilst this is a colonial plantation resort, the comfort and safety of our guests is of paramount importance to us. We pay personal attention to our guests and focus on the human touches, as we believe that small moments can significantly impact a guest’s entire experience. At the end of the day, we have a passion for exceeding expectations and always aim to meet the highest standards in accommodation, service, dining, spa, wellness and leisure activities, while also incorporating the charm, history and customs of the local destination and property.” “In Saint Lucia we are seeing a rising interest in the eco-luxury market.We have a very unique product which focuses on sustainable travel and tourism with health and wellness.” Finally, Eroline comments on the future of the resort, as they look towards expanding their offering on the back of this renewed interest in more sustainable alternatives in the tourism sector. “Our future plans for the resort include the construction of upscale cottages to reflect the eco- luxury aspect of the resort: installing solar heaters and cultivating plant life and gardens. We’re also focusing on staff training and development, to better serve our guests. Lastly, we’re ensuring that sustainability always remains at the very centre of Fond Doux Plantation and Resort. We’ll be working closely with our suppliers to completely ban single use plastics on the property.” Company: Fond Doux Plantation & Resort Address: Soufriere, LC09 101, Saint Lucia Website: https://www.fonddouxresort.com/ Telephone: +1-758-459-7545 Fond Doux Plantation & Resort is a locally owned, managed and staffed 19th century eco-friendly boutique plantation resort located within the World UNESCO Heritage Site of Soufriere, Saint Lucia. Last month, Fond Doux was named among the winners of LUXlife’s 2019 Global Luxury Hotel & Spa Awards programme as St. Lucia's Luxury Resort of the Year. We spoke with Fond Doux’s Executive Director, Eroline Lamontagne, who took time out of unprecedented insight into the resort’s enduring appeal and rustic charm.

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