Spring 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 31 Spring 2019 focusing my passion towards sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint, which – in turn – allows the company to excel in service and hospitality.” “I strongly believe in conserving what is naturally available to us.The ocean and all that it represents along with our beautiful islands that are lush with vegetation and rich in marine life needs to be preserved in its’ natural environment.” Naturally, as a four-star resort, Reethi Faru has impressed through its dedication to the ‘guest experience’, ensuring that all guests leave satisfied and eager to return. “Our luxurious 4-star deluxe resort is hospitality at its’ finest. With attention to care given in our laid-back guest experience, the team promises to maintain a strong bond with everyone. Our resorts are known to have a large number of repeat guests as they fall in love with the natural surroundings of the island along with the warm welcome and hospitality extended from the whole team.” Integral to these exceptional guest experiences are the team behind them, as Riddian moves on to discuss. “Our staff are our ambassadors and finding the correct ambassadors that understand the core values of our business is crucial to our distinctive impression. To help achieve a strong core team, we focus on continuous training, succession and development. And, above all, to keep staff happy in this, their second home.” Over the last decade, the Maldives has become a popular destination for young travellers yearning for new experiences. The tried and true destinations of years past have become tired and stale, as people explore beyond their comfort zones into new lands and tropical waters. “The Maldives have become a desired destination which has increased the demand to explore the plethora of islands that are available. This alone has led to movements within the country’s government to invest in infrastructure to accommodate more arrivals. Equally, additional resorts are now being built and, in the pipeline, to be developed within various atolls to provide a variety of offerings for all the different nationalities that are now arriving in the country. However, through it all, we have remained true to our core values – which is to be authentically Maldivian and sustainably driven. That is the crux of why many of our guests come back to stay.” Finally, Riddian takes a moment to comment on Reethi Faru’s future: “Our future is bright and shows that – ultimately - what we are offering is what our guests want. We are currently looking at future opportunities for growth and have two new developments in the pipeline.” Company: Reethi Faru Resort Contact: Riddian Davies Address: Filaidhoo, Raa Atoll, Maldives, 20079 Website: www.reethifaru.com Telephone: +960 400 4000

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