Spring 2019

39 Feb19019 A Full-Service Interior Design Studio Who Are Reimaging Luxury Design Established in 2010, the House of Design is a leading interior design studio based in Essex. Recognised as the ‘UK’s Most Innovative Bespoke Interior Design Company’ in the 2019 Leading Designers programme, we were eager to find out more about The House of Design’s penchant for bold, contemporary design. We spoke with Jane Picking, Interior Design Director, and Soulla Georgiou-Young, an Interior Design Consultant, to see how the firm has forged a remarkable reputation in the sector. Luxurious design can be many things indeed. Sometimes it is the quality of the materials, or in the complexity and extravagance of its form, its innovative use of space. Other times luxury manifests in the form of scarcity – a unique statement piece that truly completes a room. As experts in interior design, the House of Design specialises in luxury in all of its many forms, offering clients a veritable cornucopia of choices that are sure to elevate spaces. More than that, the House of Design is a full-service firm, ensuring that the stresses associated with selecting the perfect colour palette remain settled on the shoulders of their experienced designers – as Jane explains. “The House of Design delivers a full interior design, furniture design and styling service, which is tailored to each individual client. The friendly interior design team pride themselves on achieving beautiful, unique and functional high-quality creations for their clients.” It’s no secret that the secret to success in interior design has always pivoted around client service and communication. For the House of Design, providing the best possible experience pivots around a breadth of services. Here, Soulla and Jane emphasise the importance of the full- service nature of the studio: “For us, the best possible client service lies in the creation of beautiful and bespoke homes through the combination of a range of disciplines such as upholstery, furniture, and lighting bought together with efficient project management. With a wealth of in-house expertise that set our services apart in the world of luxury homes and interiors, the House of Design team create an enjoyable and stress-free journey from concept through to completion. We aim to always exceed expectations by helping to achieve a discerning, yet supremely functional, home that is personal to each and every client.” “The team are passionate about what they do, and the end result will always be a combination of exquisite, timeless, and elegant design tied together with function and purpose.We only use the highest quality of products, whilst working within a customer’s budget, and focus on providing a process that is smooth, enjoyable and exciting.” – Jane Picking on the importance of the House of Design’s team. Luxury or otherwise, interior design trends move quickly, changing from year to year, season to season. Some studios decide to forge their own path, confident in their ability to offer timeless designs. The House of Design opts for a sort hybridised approach, using the latest trends as a framework for growth and evolution. “Ultimately, we pride ourselves on being able to adapt to any situations and developments in our industry. For us, it is about traveling and keeping in touch with what’s going on worldwide, then making the necessary changes within the company, so we move in the same direction, evolve and grow stronger.” Moving on to the future, Soulla and Jane reveal that the firm have recently expanded into larger premises on the back of their extraordinary success over the last nine years. “We are delighted and proud to announce our relocation to our new premises in Felsted in Essex. Our official launch was in March and we are excited to welcome old and new customers to our new showroom, showcasing all our very best suppliers. Set in stunning British countryside in a large, beautiful barn, the showroom was created to inspire. We have a wonderfully relaxed environment, where clients can leisurely look around, sit, have a coffee and discuss their creative vision with us. With a huge array of furniture, lighting, accessories to view, together with lots of fabrics and wallpaper books to peruse through, it will be a pleasurable experience with inspiration in every corner.” In her closing comments, Jane discusses the House of Design’s plans for the upcoming year as they look to move into more commercial spaces. “One of our biggest aims this coming year is to develop our commercial portfolio, after the success of The Fat Turk restaurant and champagne bar. We are looking at focusing on designing hotel, restaurant and bar interiors, and have lots of exciting ventures in the pipeline.” Contact: Jane Picking & Soulla Georgiou-Young Company: The House of Design Address: Pencil Wood Barn, Molehill Green, Felsted, CM6 3JR, Essex, United Kingdom Website: www.thehouseofdesign.co.uk Telephone: +44 1245 210093

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