Spring 2019

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 43 Spring 2019 “Finally, people are experimenting with texture this year. A plain white or ivory cake can look flat but by adding texture using hand piped royal icing or using bas relief gives a cake depth and interest without it coming too fussy. I encourage clients to add texture, such as copying the exquisite lace from a dress on to the cake by hand piping the design. This not only adds interest but helps create the truly bespoke elements of the cake that make it personal to the client. I always try to add detail to a cake that is developed from some other aspect of the wedding arrangements, such as a design from an heirloom piece of jewellery that is worn on the day. Equally, a piece of patterned fabric can inspire the design for hand painting on a cake, such as a water colour style floral or a delicate Chinoiserie or Toile de Jouy.” Alongside these design elements is a greater trend towards digitisation, as businesses of all sizes capitalise on the merits of moving to an online platform. Whilst Suzie acknowledges the importance of the online ‘marketplace’, she believes that maintaining that key personal, face to face contact is at the crux of her services and success as a cake designer. “The growth of online sales in other areas of commerce is an issue we are aware of but we do though feel that in order to have the best possible experience in the luxury bespoke cake market individual contact is important.” Finally, the discussion turns to the future of The Cake Pavilion, and what Suzie plans to do to expand her business and client-base. “I entered Cake International at the NEC in Birmingham for the first time last year. It’s a global competition with competitors from all over the world. I received a certificate of merit on the back of my submission for the ‘Fantasy Flowers’ category, which was a great achievement. I was complimented on the standard of my sugar flowers and the delicacy of the petals. I received very high marks for originality and concept. One of the aims for this year will be to enter again in November and continue to compete against the best in the field.” “The Cake Pavilion will continue to design and produce beautiful cakes, develop new designs to meet the client’s needs and develop my cake artistry to future define my signature style. We will be producing more cakes with royal icing and hand painting. Combining traditional icing skills which are not commonly seen anymore, such as royal icing, with newer techniques such as hand painting on cakes. Very few cake artists hand pipe royal icing now, but here at The Cake Pavilion we pride ourselves on producing cakes using this highly skilled and intricate decorative technique.” Company: The Cake Pavilion Contact: Suzie Bunner Address: Ormskirk, Lancashire, United Kingdom Website: thecakepavilion.co.uk Telephone: +44 (0) 7756 443129