Spring 2019

48 YourWedding, Your Way Lovingly crafted and restored by owners Olivia and Ralph Lockey, Northside Farm remains a must-consider destination for couples looking for a rural retreat that is resplendent with charm and character. It’s no surprise then that Northside Farm was recognised in LUXlife Magazine’s 2019 Best of the Wedding Industry programme as the ‘Most Outstanding Countryside Wedding & Events Venue’ in Northumberland. Following that success, we endeavoured to find out more about the farm and its unique offerings. The wedding industry has flourished over the last decade on the back of a renewed interest in customisation, as couples embraces their individuality to create deeply personal events. Gone are the cookie cutter weddings of the past, defined by traditionalism, and draped in white lace. As a result, bespoke weddings have become the new must-have, fuelled by easy access to inspiration- most notably through social media. However, where some opt for opulence, others prefer more down-to- earth settings, choosing more conventional inspirations over the avant-garde. Nothing says traditional in the UK like a rustic wedding, delighting in open countryside, and homely trimmings. They are, in almost every respect, more welcoming affairs – an event that truly celebrates the union of two families. Northside Farm, nestled as it is deep in Northumberland’s pristine English Feb19073

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