Spring 2019

53 Jan19246 Reinventing Residential Interior Design Through Nature and Psychology Based out of West London, Moretti Interior Design Ltd is a luxury interior and lighting design studio that believes that design is elevated through the incorporation of nature. We spoke with the studio’s Creative Director, Cinzia Moretti, to find out more about their unique bio-design philosophy on the back of their recognition as LUXlife’s Most Outstanding Firm in Luxury Home Refurbishment in London. Working across the UK and overseas, Moretti Interior Design has built a reputation on the back of their versatility and expertise in revitalising tired spaces into something truly extraordinary. More than that, their spaces are unique, different, interesting, avoiding the well-worn trends of the past in favour of novel design choices that never fail to inspire. Integral to Moretti’s approach is the belief that great design doesn’t exist in a vacuum, but rather incorporates science and psychology to create spaces that are truly client-centric, as Cinzia explains in more detail. “Providing the very best service for our clients is essential. “We follow them from the very beginning of the journey, helping them to discover how to express their personalities in their new home in the best way. We use psychological techniques to understand their style and select the colour palette. Additionally, one of the key benefits of our studio is an ability to consider lighting styles from the very beginning.” “We work with professional clients, who live very busy lives that require a turn-key service. We also work with investors from all over the world, luxury property developers and families who are looking at extending their properties.” It is no overstatement to say that success in the design sector relies on a talent for communication. By holding a microscope to the personal aspects of interior design, Moretti are showcasing an almost peerless ability to understand every facet of their client’s vision. Through their design choices, they actively seek to improve their client’s wellbeing and mental health – an impressive feat indeed. “Our aim is to improve our client’s wellbeing through creative design.” Like many of their peers, Moretti Interior Design choose to take their own path – as much as possible – when it comes to industry trends. Indeed, the deeply personal nature of their designs often takes them in new directions and away from standard convention. Cinzia fundamentally agrees: “We to take current trends into consideration but, we are more focused on making sure that every project is the reflection of each client’s personality, so most of the time it is more about them than whatever the latest trends are.” Similarly, Cinzia believes that, as people’s homes become more personalised to the individual, moving homes will become less common. “We think that in the near future people will be more focused on improving their existing home rather than moving. This includes both the internal and external spaces. For this reason, we founded Open Habitat, a sister company to Moretti Interior Design that focuses on designing luxury garden rooms.” Open Habitat remains a focus for the studio moving forward, as they look towards expanding their operations to include the garden as well in the client's home. “At the moment, we are very excited about some new projects coming up – Open Habitat being prime among them. In addition, we are starting to redesign and will soon move to a new office. Here, we will also be able to display kitchen and bathroom ideas so the client can get a real feel and look for the materials.” Contact: Cinzia Moretti, Creative Director Company: Moretti Interior Design Ltd Address: 3 Shortlands, London, W6 8DA, United Kingdom Website: https://morettiinteriordesign.com/ Telephone: 020 3865 2513 Style