Spring 2019

63 Jan19628 An Expert Guide to theTrueWonders of Bhutan Tshomen Bhutan Expeditions, founded and operated by Kezang Dawa, is a rare treat for travellers looking to truly experience Bhutan and its many wonders. Earlier this year, Tshomen was recognised in LUXlife’s Travel & Tourism Awards as the Cultural & Festival Tour Package Provider of the Year in Bhutan for 2019. Naturally, we were keen to speak to Kezang to find out more about his work, expertise and the natural beauty of his home country. Bhutan is as wondrous as it is mysterious. Remaining isolated until the 1960s it offers an experience that few countries in the world can match – a glimpse at a practically untouched natural beauty with a rich culture that truly has to be experienced. It is also, by all regards, a country on the rise, offering a plethora of opportunities to the well-travelled explorer and adventurer looking for something a little bit different than the expected and the ordinary. Based out of the capital city of Thimphu, Tshomen Bhutan Expeditions has swiftly made a remarkable reputation on the back of its owner, Kezang Dawa. Kezang’s fifteen years of experience as a tour guide make him an expert in all things to do with Bhutan, and indispensable when it comes to exploring the country and its many wonders. Kezang offers some more insight into his company and operations: “We aim to provide a professional and knowledgeable tour experience, with the most comfortable transportation to the best sightseeing locations. All company staff work hard and are dedicated- they are willing to put in the extra work and time to make the experience the best it can possible be.” Explore Whilst it is true that Bhutan’s travel and tourism industry is growing swiftly, it still faces uncertainty and challenges. Chief among them for Tshomen Bhutan Expeditions is competition. Rather uniquely, the Royal Bhutanese Government requires all tourists to book their trips through a licensed Bhutanese tour operator. “In the wider travel and tourism market within Bhutan we are facing difficulty when it comes to competing with our competitors package prices – some other travel agencies offer experiences at a very low price. We adapt to this challenge by keeping in mind that we offer a good price for the best services.” Equally, the Bhutanese tourism industry is embracing a technology- first outlook, helping them to connect directly to new potential visitors. Tshomen Bhutan Expeditions is following this trend, and utilising social media platforms to advertise their expertise and offerings. “We have a feedback form on our webpage where clients can send us feedback and submit testimonials. Our company is also on Trip Adviser, Facebook and WhatsApp, where we eagerly collect feedback from our valued guests.” The future for Tshomen Bhutan Expeditions lies in using these platforms to fuel their growth, in the hopes of becoming the de facto guide in the country. Here, Kezang takes a moment to comment on his plans beyond driving his company’s expansion: “Once our travel company reaches a certain size we have plans to work on a social project to provide shelter for the older citizens of Bhutan.” Company: Tshomen Bhutan Expeditions Contact: Kezang Dawa Address: Jungshina Bebena, Thimphu, Bhutan Website: tshomenbhutan.com Telephone: +975 1753 4506

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