Spring 2019

68 Nov18033 Peerless DesignThrough Seamless Collaboration Founded in 2007, Eye to Eye Interiors is an interior design firm based out of Downers Grove, Illinois. In November, the agency was recognised in LUXlife Magazine’s 2018 Leading Designers Awards programme with the title of ‘Best Affordable Interior Design Company’ in the state of Illinois. Following this win, we spoke to Dawn Bach Thurman, Owner of Eye to Eye Interiors, to find out more about her extraordinary approach to design. Excellent interior design lies not just in nurtured talent but in an ability to work seamlessly with the client. A home, after all, is subjective, unique, individual and deeply personal. From treasured memories, to mementos and shared experiences, one person’s idea of home can be drastically different to another’s. In this, great designers can thrive or fail on their ability to realise a client’s vision and design brief. From the outset, Dawn Bach Thurman has flourished on her unrivalled ability to connect with her clients, regardless of the nature or complexity of their brief. As Dawn explains as we begin the interview, this is the fundamental platform that Eye to Eye Interiors was built on: “Since 2007, I’ve helped nearly a thousand clients with their paint colour palettes, furniture layouts, art plans and decorating dilemmas. The name “Eye to Eye” comes from the way I work with my clients. Ultimately, we need to see

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