Spring 2019

Safe & Sound Acoustical Surfaces Inc. is a pioneer in controlling sound, serving the commercial, industrial, educational, house of worship and OEM markets. Having been in business for over 35 years, this is a testament to the team’s commitment to customers and the trust they have in the ASI’s products and services. Speaking of the staff, ASI’s expert staff ensures each project’s goals are achieved, as JR explains. “Here at ASI, our sales and support staff are highly experienced in mitigating all types of sound and noise control issues, and we are experts in understanding our chosen markets and their drivers. “With many years of experience in acoustical and architectural product applications under their belt, our sales staff fully understand and support the company's mission of providing the customer with the right materials for their applications. Staff education in the most current and effective practices is ongoing.” When discussing the technology the firm employ, JR highlights how the firm use digital user-interface experience design to ensure that their clients receive the best possible experience with ASI, as well as some of the trends within the sector that the company follows. “At ASI, we utilize best practices in online and digital user- interface experience design as well as offer video and digital resources to help educate customers and to help contractors install our products easily. “While budgets are always under pressure to provide cost-effective problem-solving, public and professional awareness of soundproofing and acoustical treatments is increasing, indicating a parallel increase in sound and noise mitigation priorities. ASI pays close attention to market trends and creates some of these trends ourselves.” Looking ahead to what the future holds, JR signs off by revealing the exciting plans which lie in the pipeline for the firm, especially following their recent success in LUXlife’s Leading Designers 2018 where they were given the Award for Excellence in: Innovative Noise Control Solutions – 2018. “Currently, we are watching developments around nano- materials and 3D printing, as well as other long-term technology studies, with awareness of the applications afforded by them. “Moving forward, new manufacturing technologies and acoustical research techniques will help us offer more useful, more effective, and more efficient products for both commercial and residential customers.” Art Acoustical Surfaces Inc. offers state-of-the-art solutions to soundproofing, acoustics, noise and vibration problems. Recently, we caught up with JR Anderson who provided us with a detailed insight into the innovative firm and how they stay ahead of the game in an ever-changing industry. Oct18540 ACOUSTICAL SUR FACES I NC . STOP NOISE Sound Solutions— since1980 Contact: JR Anderson Company: Acoustical Surfaces, Inc. Address: 123 Columbia Court North, Chaska, Minnesota, 55318, United States of America Telephone: 952-448-5300 Website: www. acousticalsurfaces.com

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