Spring 2020

38 Jan20171 Discovering Deluxe Living in Dubai Exploring a new place can be a wonderful opportunity to immerse oneself in a new culture and amongst new people, before returning with newly broadened horizons. One such place that can really broaden horizons and open the mind of travellers is Dubai, and the wider United Arab Emirates. There are no shortage of ways to experience this beautiful land, but nobody better to experience it with than the seasoned team at Dubaimylove. A group of professional Italian tour guides, the firm collaborate with the most important local tour operators in the UAE to organize guided excursions into Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the other Emirates to help discover these wonderful places for the first time, or to uncover secrets about them you never knew. Far from just another tour company, Dubaimylove boasts unique services and itineraries which can be both tailor-made and private for the ultimate in travel luxury. Personalized, flexible, and characterized by an impeccably high standard of quality and professionalism, a tour with Dubaimylove is much more than just that; it is an experience. Drawing on years of experience working in this beautiful land has equipped the team with the necessary and vital knowledge to make any excursion one of insight, information, and ingenuity. However, the firm also offers a wealth of services to ensure that every other aspect of a UAE holiday is truly relaxing and luxurious. Whatever the style of trip you are planning, whether it be experiencing Dubai’s affluent shopping culture from an elegant city hotel, or sand-surfing the wilderness from an exotic desert resort, Dubaimylove has you covered. The firm also offer exciting adventures such as desert safaris, sand dune skiing, creek cuisine, helicopter, seaplane and hot air balloon travel, indoor snow skiing, and much more. With a wealth of hotels across the country, the firm can proactively help with any accommodation needs, as well as transfers from the airport. For corporate events and incentives, Dubaimylove organizes conferences, meetings, conventions, exhibitions, and other similar events, each of which benefits from a translator and flawless standards of professionalism that are impossible to beat. Guided tours are the best way to experience a new city, but the level of knowledge and interaction from the team at Dubaimylove elevates their Dubai has emerged as one of the most cosmopolitan cities to visit. A rich, exotic, and affluent paradise, the city of Dubai has built an international reputation for its luxury brands, contemporary architecture, and vibrant nightlife. The team at Dubaimylove, recently recognized as Dubai’s Most Outstanding Tourist Guide – 2020, offer a range of guided tours, tailor-made tours and private excursions with professional tour guides. To learn more about it, we took a closer look at the firm. offerings to a whole new level. The tailor-made tours and private excursions mean that small groups are able to experience exactly what they want to experience, without the crowds often associated with public tours of a similar nature. Dubaimylove offers a range of six different guided tours, including the Dubai City Tour, Shopping Tour, Dubai By Night, Desert Safari, Dinner Cruise on the Dhow, and Abu Dhabi. So, whether you fancy the intertwined antiquity and modernity of Dubai’s daily life, or the opulence of the city lit up against the midnight sky, Dubaimylove has it all. Each tour highlights a different aspect of exactly what makes the city such a marvel to behold. The shopping tour is a unique experience, focusing on the intoxicating atmosphere of the ancient markets, filled with gold, fabrics, and spices, as well as the most modern shopping facilities the world has ever seen. Out in the desert, the thrill of off-road vehicles takes charge before enjoying a magical sunset at the Bedouin camp and taking part in many activities. Cruising on a dhow in the Dubai Marina affords a luxurious look at the towering structures that make up the city, whilst Abu Dhabi is the perfect place for an unforgettably opulent experience. As Dubai, and the United Arab Emirates, continues to establish itself as a beacon of luxury living in the world, the guided tours and tailor-made private excursions from Dubaimylove will continue to highlight all the best parts to those who wish to live like Sheikhs. The ultramodern city is host to all things opulent, and nowhere is luxury more exemplified than here. For the most discerning travellers, Dubaimylove is the only way to go. Company: DUBAIMYLOVE Contact: Gianfranco Serra Website: www.dubaimylove.com/en/

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