Spring 2021

14 Sep20965 South Africa’s Stunning Spa Products South Africa is a country that has had one of the most tumultuous and volatile histories in the world, but from that chaos has been born a passion for healing, luxury, and freedom. Africology is a holistic luxury spa brand that has its roots spanning the decades of deeply moving stories of transformation from across South Africa and beyond. Having been crowned the Best Holistic Luxury Spa Brand - South Africa award title and won the Best Before Bed Moisturising Product: (South Africa): Intense Night Hydration title in last years’ Resorts and Retreats Awards from LUXlife, we now take a closer look at Africology’s outstanding success. The story of South Africa is ultimately one of transformation; a transformation that is still ongoing to this day. It has been the country of dreams for so many people, including several famous faces from throughout history. Yet, today, we at LUXlife are taking a closer look at one dream in particular. The dream of Africology’s CEO, Renchia Droganis. As she helped victims of South Africa’s turbulent past overcome their pain, her own dream of taking this work nationwide and beyond. Healing was not just reserved for those in her own country, but is open for people everywhere. As such, Africology began to take shape. Renchia Droganis herself is a metaphysical and reiki counsellor, massage therapist, and aromatherapist, and has worked in all far-flung corners of South Africa at a time when conflict was all around. Anger was a predominant emotion, threatening to wreak havoc amongst even the most peaceful of communities and villages. Renchia instead chose forgiveness and freedom, choosing to spread harmony and healing through Africology. It is a choice that is woven into the fabric of everything that the company does today, and inspires every chemical formulation that is made. Where once Africology existed only in Renchia’s heart, today it is South Africa’s leading luxury spa brand. With products featuring in some of the most instantly recognised luxury branded hotels and spas around the world, Africology offers products that have a distinct scent and quality. The luxury of Africology lies in Renchia’s desire to put something of her soul and heart into every product, and working with her son Christos, she continues to create exquisite fragrance blends for private labels and hotels. Now working with all four of her children, Renchia and Africology is responsible for formulating and creating luxurious, natural, and eco- friendly products that are fragranced with only the best and most pure essential oils. One such luxurious product is the award-winning Intense Night Hydration. Providing almost instantaneous result for those who use it before bed, Africology’s Intense Night Hydration is a highly specialised treatment that targets pigmentation and stimulates collagen production to reveal a firmer, smoother, more even, and youthful skin. Getting that luxurious feel and look with a simple hydration routine just before bed has never been easier thanks to the hard work of Renchia, her family, and her staff. Intense Night Hydration makes full use of highly potent peptides, which effectively help to reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, whilst the hyaluronic acid in the formula works to gently exfoliate the skin. Luxury brands claim to deliver all manner of results, but few are born out of the same passion for healing and rejuvenation as Africology. Renchia’s dream is still being realised today, with more products being formulated and making their way to market every single day. Africology’s products are more than just luxurious; they deliver stunning results and leave clients feeling younger, fresher, and nothing short of their best. In particular, the Intense Night Hydration delivers results that are transformative and long-lasting, giving the skin a radiant glow that is impossible to find anywhere else. Africology is a firm built from a dream, and it helps its clients get the look of their dreams as well. Contact: Renchia Droganis Website: https://uk.africologyspa.com/