Spring 2021

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 19 Spring 2021 Situated in Taipei, Taiwan, JDID is a boutique home design studio that specialises in spaces that are timeless and modern, prioritising beauty and quality over trends. Headed by Design Director, JD Yin, the award-winning studio offers complete design concept and development services, including execution and final configuration of furnishings and decorative elements. JDY is driven by the philosophy that ‘form follows function’, ensuring that every space visually corresponds to its function or defining element, whether that be the flow, light, level or plane of a room, or an inhabitant’s habits, emotions, or purpose in that space. By bringing the two concepts together, JDID is able to create meaningful forms that are visually stunning by nature. As a result, JDID does not have a signature technique, colour palette, or theme to define the work of the studio. Instead, each project is recognisably connected to the studio through its focus on rationality, which is enhanced by sensual details. “As a designer,” says JDY, “arranging the elements and functions of a space to express my concept clearly exemplifies the ‘temperament’ of a home.” Whilst JDID’s designs are increasingly sought after across Taiwan and beyond, the studio does not follow trends to become popular. The beauty of JDID’s designs lies in the high quality and simplicity of the spaces and its decoration. However, to call the pieces ‘simple’ would be reductive. Instead, they are magnificently uncomplicated, sustainable in their timelessness, yet modern in their accommodation of everyday life. In order to achieve spaces that work around the lives of its inhabitants, JDID strives to create close relationships with its clients, who also recognise the philosophical value in design, paying more attention to the beauty of an object than its cost. Together, the designers and clients have open conversations about how they can best encapsulate their experiences, their dreams, their very souls into the spaces around them. Going far beyond their competitors, JDID dedicates time and effort to inject poetry and philosophy into the design of their clients’ homes which, by their nature, are a spiritual extension of themselves. The team of designers each recruited based on their relationship with design. From the initial meeting, JDY seeks to gain an understanding of the inner thoughts of the candidate to ensure they will be a good fit for the team. “I let candidates understand that JDID is attached to philosophical thinking and their own self,” says JDY. “Each employee is seen as a blank notebook, in which JDID has begun to write its own design story.” A team of experts in architecture, interior design, industrial design, metalworking, literature, art and music, who each share a background in Eastern culture, JDID comes together as likeminded individuals who thrive on creativity in and out of their work. “I set up a book club within the company, which is based on a theme assigned by me and discusses architecture, film, video, pop, visual design, interior design, and characters,” says JDY. “Through a variety of topics, we can exchange ideas and arguments with each other to stimulate brainstorming and gain inspiration and sound aesthetic perspectives.” Moreover, JDY recognises his own growth as a leading architect of Taiwan. As styles and artistic behaviours evolve with age and life experience, so does design. “I feel more and more that I am in the cultural fracture, and the tradition of design should be the combination of literati and craftsman,” says JDY. “The more I can look at a space from beyond the technical level, the more I understand.” The result is exciting for JDY personally, translating into transformative, moving design. With inspiration and innovation at the very heart of this creative design hub, JDID has developed its own unique style that is universal yet individual. As a firm that is unlike any other, JDID is unchallenged in its industry and as such, is seeing excellent growth, even in the midst of the global pandemic. Taiwan’s strong control of the Covid-19 virus has meant that business activity has continued largely unimpeded and, in the case of the real estate industry, has in fact developed. With more people looking to buy property in Taiwan and transform it into their dream home, JDID’s exquisite services are in greater demand than ever. Company: JDID Inc. Contact: JD Yin Website: www.jdid.com.tw