Spring 2021

LUXLIFE MAGAZINE | 27 Spring 2021 Design should not be limited by location. Good designs are universal, able to serve people across borders with simple statements of elegance and grace. That’s what this impressive team offer to their clients. The team are split across two offices in Hong Kong and Japan, called InterDots Interior Architecture Ltd and Souten KK respectively. Both champion the highest standards to ensure that clients get the interior that they need and deserve. Working alongside some of the leading property developers in the industry as well as individuals with a passion and flair for flawless design, the team at InterDots have gained a reputation for excellence. Their ability to provide sophisticated design for clients who want to strengthen their brand has brought them a great deal of work over the years, particularly in the realm of commercial design. The visual statement is unique to each project, ensuring that clients get the work that they pay for. lucky enough to have the full InterDots treatment, the return on investment is not just about how a property is decorated. The team’s plans involve the proposal of possible activities within the space that can bring value to them. The site of the Okinawa project, for example, is only 300 square metre but it consists of two retail shops, rental offices and also an apartment to create rental income every month. Another key part of the development stage is the use of technology. The team at InterDots have always championed the use of the latest systems so that they can understand precisely what they are buying. VR has been a major boon to the team, allowing them to fully experience a space with the greatest of ease. While models and 3D designs can give an idea of scaling, the wonders of VR allows a person to experience exactly what is on offer. This measure, taken at the start of the process, can save a great deal of time and costs in the long run. This is because changes can be made on the drawing board as opposed to on site! The success of the team’s interior design work has seen them invited to take part in other projects, broadening their wings to offer new and exciting services to clients. The future of the firm in Japan will see the team involved in architecture and building small but iconic houses across the country. The way in which people think is constantly changing, but building this adaptability into how a company operates is key to ensuring its success. The influence of InterDots could see it brought into the design education of those who are thinking of entering into this amazing industry. The success of InterDots is not just thanks to their impressive workload, but their approach which puts the needs of the client first at every stage. Through the use of the latest techniques, the firm has been able to expand across borders, and it doesn’t look like it’ll be stopping any time soon. Company: InterDots Interior Architecture Ltd Contact: Griselda Leung Web Address: www.interdots.co Email: [email protected] When InterDots is involved in a project, they don’t just design a space on a whim. Many different factors are drawn into the creation of the final result. First and foremost amongst these factors is the need to craft a specific journey that reflects the client. This approach means that the design emphasises something more personal. It ensures that each project is completed, not just as a space within which people live, but a location of value with warmth and soul. These factors cannot simply be added in, they must be woven in the fabric of the design with delicacy and care. Because the team work across so many different sorts of design projects, each has their own particular specialty and focus. This allows clients to be assured that the best possible people are working on their important project. That said, the skillset of everyone involved in a project is invaluable and internal design meetings bring together everyone so that people can be certain that they are all working to the same high standards. This allows the team to draw on a wealth of knowledge and experience easily with thoughtful feedback as well as options from more perspectives. While based in offices in both Hong Kong and Japan, the aim throughout 2020 was primarily on the Japanese office. This was because the team wanted to develop the market in this new area, and found the perfect opportunity to do so. With people being unable to travel, the need and ability to provide interior design work has increased significantly. The team is currently working on their first commercial and residential complex in Okinawa, Japan. This is set to become one of the team’s signature projects, putting them on the map when it comes to delivering exceptional projects on behalf of clients. This growth in Japan can be seen across the interior design sector. More and more clients are looking for luxury options that straddle the practical demands of life and a commitment to stylish solutions. Interior design isn’t just a luxury item that looks good, it maximises the return on investment considerably. For those properties that are