Spring 2021

28 Jan21144 The Company with a Finger on the Pulse of Interior Design A small company that has carved out its niche in the Swiss interior design and architecture world, Martinuzzi Interiors is committed to remaining ahead of the curve. Innovative interior design and architecture firm Martinuzzi Interiors is a business led by leading architect in her field, Barbara Martinuzzi. She has over 15 years of experience in creating beautiful and practical solutions to her clients’ design needs, working to realise each project with the market in mind. By doing this, Martinuzzi Interiors can ensure that every design is up to date and on trend, anticipating upcoming shifts in the industry with contemporary and high-end results. The founder’s passion and drive to deliver the finest solutions in architecture mean that this company focuses on every element down to the most minute detail. Furthermore, its designs reflect the founder’s own philosophy of ethics and vision. To Martinuzzi Interiors, great interiors and architecture should enhance every element of the building in in a multitude of ways; with solid and beautiful aesthetics, excellent quality materials, premium functionality, and the tailoring of the project to fit the ‘soul’ of the space. These factors combined create an ethical, ephemeral experience. Above all, its aim is to anticipate the needs of its client, creating spaces that will suit them both now and in the future. It takes great pride in its ability to deliver flawless satisfaction to its customers, delivering the interior they do not themselves have time to create. By providing such excellent service, Martinuzzi Interiors creates secure and long-term relationships with its clients – in this way, it finds that much of its business comes from word of mouth referrals from its existing clients. In a creative industry such as architecture and interior design, there is no more valuable a currency than verbal endorsement. With the clients of high-end bespoke design services being a highly exclusive market, word tends to travel fast, and so one such glowing testimonial could make for a serious boost in business. After cultivating an excellent portfolio and unshakable trust with many high-end clients, Martinuzzi Interiors has been able to benefit from this, and use that as a springboard to greater success. Within Switzerland, Martinuzzi Interiors’ home nation, the business is offered an expansive and diverse range of tastes and styles to serve. In the south, it works with a breadth of tradition mixed with modern aesthetics from Italy, in the west there is more French influence over the look and feel, and in the north there is more in the way of Germanic culture. The advantage in this for Martinuzzi Interiors is in the versatility it can show in its work. Alongside being able to adapt effectively and sensitively to any brief that a client may put before it, Martinuzzi Interiors also prizes its ability to maintain a recognisable brand. As the founder was born and raised in Italy, elements of her design – usually in the furnishings specifically – show elements of Italian culture with an element of northern European precision and practicality. Martinuzzi Interiors’ staff play a key role in its success story in every project and business venture. With every job requiring specialised care and dedication, constant communication across its ranks and flexibility in its processes are pivotal. Without every team member contributing their core competencies to the best of their abilities, and working together effectively to do so, a project would not get off the ground. This is not a problem Martinuzzi Interiors had had with its staff; the founder and team work closely in a tight-knit environment to bring the client’s vision to life. With the exemption of hindrances to its delivery and supply lines in the early stages of the first lockdown, Martinuzzi Interiors considers itself to have been extremely fortunate in remaining afloat during the pandemic. It has even seen a rise in demand. During the ensuing months of 2020, it bore witness to an increased need for residential renovations and restyling as more people turn inward to make their homes into the base of operations for everything in life. Clients have been putting more emphasis on creating spaces of joy and utility in their properties, both for work and leisure. It will, however, be glad to see the end of the pandemic and the comeback of trade fairs, where it does the vast majority of its in-person networking. Company: Martinuzzi Interiors GmbH Contact: Barbara Martinuzzi Website: martinuzzi.ch