Spring 2021

31 Jan21330 Brust+Partner is an award-winning interior design studio that specialises in food, hospitality, health and corporate spaces. The family-owned, German business seeks to encapsulate its clients’ brands within each unique project, working closely with them to understand the defining aspects of their business and referring to their visions for each space. We find out more about the studio and how it is adapting to commercial design in a world of Covid-19. For more than thirty years, Brust+Partner has been creating exceptional, personalised spaces for the food, hospitality, health and corporate sectors, crafting customised design solutions that represent the essence of a brand. The family-owned business in Bad Schönborn, Germany is an award-winning creator of interior and exterior spaces designed to make an impact. Offering comprehensive services in design and planning to onsite construction management to furnishing and decoration, Brust+Partner is a one-stop provider of holistic design. However their services are required, the Brust+Partner team breaks down its process into individual building blocks that enable the client to engage with the project at every stage, playing a vital role in the realisation of their space and ensuring it remains true to their vision. The studio, with core values defined as Reliable, Changeable, Genuine, Enthusiastic and Independent, is driven by the philosophy that to standstill is to take a step backwards. As such, the forward-thinking firm works with its clients to set out clearly defined goals and strategies built on positive mentalities and adaptability. The result is a team which delivers reliable excellence, even in the face of adversity like the ongoing pandemic. Awards such as the German Design Award, German Brand Award 2020, and the Iconic Award 2019, as well as features in illustrated books such as High On Office Design, StoreBook and Gasträume, are testament to this excellence. Clients are regularly delighted by the finished results of their space, which is never announced complete until both designer and client is satisfied. Colourful, modern and distinct in design, one need only visit the Brust+Partner portfolio of projects to see that the agency’s reputation for exquisite design is well-deserved. Accordingly, Managing Directors Siegmund Dumm, Evi Hummel, Björn Ungerer and Leonie Ungerer, take great pride in their team, who each contribute to the bright, positive community of Brust+Partner. Built on the company’s core values and united in trust, loyalty, and mutual respect, Success By Design each team member is given the freedom to explore their potential and be involved in open, honest communications across the company as a whole. Together, they are able to grow and evolve to become an even stronger firm, driven by a mission to create individual, world-class spaces. The commitment to this mission has not faltered during the ongoing pandemic. In fact, Brust+Partner has seen clients becoming more invested in their home spaces as a result of lockdowns and restrictions and has adapted accordingly. Helping clients to strike the balance between comfortable havens and exciting retreats within their own homes, Brust+Partner has created a customised solution for transforming interiors and exteriors of domestic spaces. Until such time that restaurants, gyms, offices and more are able to welcome their customers once again, Brust+Partner will continue to serve its clients with the same, award-winning inspiration in the comfort of their own homes. When Germany finally does reopen businesses and public spaces, Brust+Partner will be leading the way in ensuring those spaces are not only beautiful but safe too. The launch of the Virlight in early 2021 has been created with the firm’s partner in technical lighting innovation, Ruco Light Augsburg, and is a combined air disinfectant and design lighting solution. Meeting high design standards and cleaning a room of 99.9% of bacteria and viruses, the effective and aesthetic model is a stunning representation of Brust+Partner’s signature blend of beauty and functionality. With the exciting launch of the Virlight in 2021 and new avenues to explore in the design of public and private design constantly presenting themselves to the studio, it is an exciting time for the team at Brust+Partner. With thirty years of experience in design already behind them, it is clear to see that the best is still yet to come. Company: Brust+Partner Contact: Siegmund Dumm Website: www.brust-partner.de