Spring 2021

33 Nov20522 Since 1997, Lars Gitz Architects has been leading the way when it comes to sustainable architecture, urbanism and design. The team have been proud to produce some truly award-winning work which can be seen throughout the Scandinavian region and beyond. We take a closer look at how this impressive firm has achieved such success. Architecture isn’t just something that happens. It’s guided by a set of principles that are unique to each designer. For the team at Lars Gitz Architects, the aim has always been to create a design solution that goes beyond the normal standards of architecture. Embracing Nordic values in every way, this is a firm that manages to create beauty that is here for the long term, adapted perfectly to meet future global challenges. When Lars Gitz founded the firm, he couldn’t have known that his passion for sustainability would lead him to work internationally. Every project that he and his team undertake is audited against global standards, with new and innovative solutions found in order to drive the essential environmental agenda. Building in this way requires a unique approach, one which looks at the whole picture. By designing holistically, carefully integrating all the different aspects of design, the team have been able to account successfully for the requirements of the environment in the future. This approach is a relative breath of fresh air compared to most architects, and it’s a mindset that guides the way in which the team operates. The solutions that the team offers are tailormade to meet the needs of both the site and the user. Both work in tandem to ensure that a project offers the ultimate in sustainable living and a luxury lifestyle. From the start, the team undertake enormous analysis of the local context and how best to proceed in order to make the maximum possible impact. Everyone at the studio shares the same passion for design, and a desire to follow a project through to the end. When a new project begins, it’s always with the intention that the same team will lead it through to completion. This provides continuity both for Lars Gitz and for the client Sustainability Success throughout. The team consider the built environment as a totality and to apply a truly integrated approach to responsible design. It’s not enough to simply carry on building in the same style we have been working on for the last several years. New ways of exploring space and form must be executed in order to move forward. This is why the team at Lars Gitz are in such high demand. Their work sees them creating truly outstanding buildings that reflect a unique design vision and an exceptional level of craft. While sustainability is how the buildings are designed is key, the team also take great care to ensure that the way they are used is sustainable too. Clients and users will delight in living in their Lars Gitz property for many years. With the team so strongly focused on sustainability, it’s little wonder that they see their corporate and social responsibility as incredibly valuable. Men and women are paid equally for doing equivalent jobs across the practice, promoting an inclusive working environment for all. Merit guides the company forward, with those who achieve moving onwards and upwards. To ensure that all decisions made are fair, the team review their pay decisions on a yearly basis. Those who turn to Lars Gitz don’t just hire and exceptional architects’ firm, but one which champions the values of sustainability and humanity throughout. Their work is pioneering in every respect, which is why they will stand the test of time and secure success for years to come. Company: Lars Gitz Architects Contact: Lars Gitz Email: [email protected]