Spring 2021

34 Nov20147 Stories of theWalls Themselves Some dreams do come true. For those who wine and dine at the welcoming Alla Casasola, it might seem like the food itself is heavenly, but for those who know, the history of this impressive restaurant is itself a real-life fairytale. We take a closer look at how Florina and Marian brought their dream to life, and found a way to share it with so many others. When Florina and Marian entered the Casasola restaurant for the first time in 2015, they saw potential in the building that very few could. It was dark and cold and unwelcoming. But what spoke to them was a long rich history of success. The walls themselves could tell stories that went back at least a century. They were tales of Rina and Emilio Lenarduzzi who ran a bar and grocery store that was the heart of the community, legends of Rosita Venier and Antonio Lenarduzzi who first opened its doors and the simple family connection that saw the building first named Casasola. With this history behind them, and such a strong connection between the building and the community at large, Florina and Marian set to work. Their dream was to capture some of the warmth and elegance that had been seen before. To recreate the magic that had once existed within these walls and see if it still held true in the 21st Century. With imagination, professionalism and a commitment to continuing the stories of the walls themselves, the couple got busy. The world around Alla Casasola has proven to be perfect for the budding restauranteurs. The territory comprises some of the finest foods in the whole of Italy, with niche items that allow Alla Casasola to stand apart from the crowd. When taken through the lens of the specialist chefs at the restaurant, foodies can rediscover anew the delectable tastes that characterised their childhood. True artisans knows not to overembellish what is on the plate, and when a guest shows up at Alla Casasola, they can find many items held as pure and simple, embracing their unique qualities with care and attention. In short, Alla Casasola embraces innovative cuisine that respects and enhances tradition., Like the building itself, these are dishes where a pinch of imagination and the scent of passion are never lacking. They tell a story, not just of a finely made meal, but of the area at large, of its long and rich history and of what good food has brought to the Italian world. It’s hard to narrow down quite how special the meals are at Alla Casasola, but a few highlights of the menu that must be commended include La Pitina, an exciting autochthonous salami from the Friulian Dolomites, cheeses from both Asìno and from the malga as well as the delectable red onion of Cavasso Nuovo. These options colour the palate of those who visit Alla Casasola, and ensure that they have a trip that will never be forgotten. It’s never a one-off visit for those who come, because visitors simply have to come back. The experience is one that is thoroughly unique, and is founded in the walls of the building itself. Far from the end of a story, the approach of Florina and Marian is one that sees the tale only just beginning. Their work has brought this classic restaurant into the present day and made it once again the heart of the local community. Like the best sequels, Alla Casasola tells its own story, while maintaining the heart and the soul of what came before. Company: Alla Casasola Contact: Marian Enache Email: [email protected]