Spring 2021

38 Nov20495 Bespoke Interior Creations: Elegance Begins at Home Based in Carolina, this luxury home design firm is dedicated to bringing exemplary personal interior design services to every corner of its home state – and beyond. Carolina Spaces Furniture and Design is a full-service model home merchandising and luxury home staging firm with big aspirations. Powered by innovative minds that work with home builders using its renowned design services, it conducts it home staging services across Carolina and across the southeast USA. Currently, it has three locations across the Carolinas, two of which are retail furnishing establishments that sell brand new luxury furniture from exceedingly high-end manufacturers. Its client list is a roster of home builders, individual homeowners, commercial and non-profit businesses, real estate investors and home sellers looking to take their property to the next level before it goes to market. In terms of its offered services, it prioritises its ability to listen to its customers and clients during every stage of the process. With bespoke and luxury design being such a personal thing, especially when it involves the client’s own private space, it is crucial that they feel they can make themselves heard and feel involved at every stage. Carolina Spaces always keeps the focus of its work on the individual client. A part of this is finding out how they desire to live and how best to achieve that. However, Carolina Spaces also believes firmly that it isn’t in the business of deciding what’s best for a client – the client decides what they want, with the help of Carolina Spaces’ no-pressure guidance, and then it helps them to realise those ideas. It sees its clients as partners in a journey to crafting world-class bespoke living spaces. Included in the guidance offered on that voyage is advice regarding everything from material choice to colour, and texture choice to what fits best in a certain space. When the client is happy with what has been created during the collaboration, then Carolina Spaces is happy, and it can move a client on to a new project. After all, in luxury interior design with such an exclusive target market, repeat clients are the ‘greatest reward’. Within its team, Carolina Spaces takes pride in its loyal staff – many of which have been with the company for years. Turnover being close to zero, it has very little opportunities for new hires, as it also divvies out additional opportunities and responsibilities amongst its existing staff. When it does hire new staff, it looks to find people with an appropriately customer-first attitude who can work within a dynamic industry. The sector of interior and home design has held strong during the pandemic, a fact that very few areas can claim, as people continue to buy, sell, and move homes. Furthermore, there is a steadily increasing need for upgrading and renovating living spaces into something both functionally and aesthetically more fitting for remote life. At a time where most of life is conducted from home, more people than ever are finding new ways to transform their spaces, ensuring these areas are suitable for both work and home living. Thus, Carolina Interiors has had more chances to delve into more diverse areas of design such as carving out home offices for its clients. Its virtual services are also growing in popularity. Available worldwide and providing everything from consultations to furniture placement advice, Carolina Interiors works together with the client to achieve the best result with patience and professionalism. In terms of its future progress, Carolina Spaces’ third location is new and looking forward to future growth. A boutique shop in an indoor mall in York, South Carolina, this storefront provides luxury brand new furnishings. Additionally, it will also be offering custom luxury furniture design and orders. To get to where it is today, Carolina Spaces has worked hard to withstand the trials of its industry, ironically those trials usually manifesting when the economy is doing well. In such times, this company found that the design sector sees significant flooding and oversaturation – these elements drive prices down and make for poor quality of work across the board. The danger here is the value of the work diminishes for the customer, and they are less willing to pay bespoke prices. However, through these times Carolina Spaces ‘stands tall’ in its vast experience and abilities: by providing excellent and customer-led work, it makes for an exceptional return on investment that will surely only lead to future success. Company: Carolina Spaces Furniture & Design Contact: Joan Inglis Website: www.CarolinaSpaces.com