Spring 2021

39 Nov20435 Live In Design Established in 2014, Ellington Properties is one of Dubai’s leading design-led real estate developers, which endeavours to craft beautiful properties and communities for high-quality lifestyles. Having found recent success in LUXlife’s 2021's Leading Designers Awards, we profiled Ellington Properties to discover how they established a reputation for being one of the most innovative design-led property developers in the UAE. Working closely with international and local investors seeking profitable real estate as well as buyers looking to live in the apartments, Ellington Properties develops beautiful residences designed by incredible artistry and impeccable architecture. What sparks the flame that ignites the passion the team at Ellington Properties are renowned for, is the refined taste of their customers. The concepts customers put forward inspires the firm to create compelling luxury properties that consistently transcend fashions and trends, but most importantly, exceed the expectations of their customers. The customer’s journey with the firm begins at the planning phase of the project where the team set out the ways in which they intend to deliver meaningful products, all the way through to the level of customer care that will be provided. This exceptional level of care that is shared externally by Ellington Properties is also reflected internally as well, where the team are able to support one another as they work towards achieving one goal. There is a sense of family amongst the team, which leads to more engagement from the staff and more belief in what the company offers. In addition to this, Ellington Properties offer great products which both the staff and the partners are amazed with the quality, the design and the service provided. In turn, this makes the staff more confident about the standards of the company and get to truly understand what the slogan "Live In Design" means. Throughout the years, the team at Ellington Properties have faced and effortlessly overcome many challenges, which came their way working within such a dynamic and everchanging industry. One of the biggest challenges they have faced, one which is shared by all businesses across the world, is the uncertainty of # COVID-19. For Ellington Properties, the Covid situation had a significant impact on how they operate, since they primarily deal with international customers and the travel bans reduced their activities. However, the innovative and quick- thinking team were able to overcome this challenge by implanting new ways to continue providing their award-winning service. For example, they developed online content such 360 degrees walkthrough of their apartments, extensive video content about the finishing, and additional digital collaterals about their projects. Another approach was by continually engaging with their partners and brokers through online meeting to maintain the momentum in their professional relationships. These are just some of the various ways in which the team Ellington Properties were able to continue working, despite the uncertain times they were operating in. Since their inception back in 2014, Ellington Properties have grown exponentially over the last six years to include 14 projects, customers from almost 100 nationalities and 20 awards in design, development, marketing and customer care. These extraordinary accomplishments have made the team at Ellington Properties more confident about what the future has in store. With a number of exciting plans new projects in the pipeline, none of which can be disclosed, we are looking forward to see what the most innovative design-led property developers in the UAE achieves in the years to come. Company: Ellington Properties Contact: Charaf Eddine Mounaim Web Address: www.ellingtonproperties.ae